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DSP Progress

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The Dolphin team has been working hard on DSP emulation in order to get sound in many first party Nintendo games that lack sound such as Zelda/Mario games. Just recently a breakthrough was made in DSP emulation, there is now some sounds that can be heard in Zelda: Twilight Princess (GC), Zelda: Windwaker, Mario Kart: Double Dash.


The sound is broken up, distorted and crackly, but a bit of sound can be made out such as links footsteps/sword slash in Windwaker, the sound Epona makes in the TP intro movie can somewhat be heard along with other sounds or noises, you can hear some broken or garbled sound/music Mario Kart Double Dash.


There is a lot of garbage or garbled/broken sound, but it's still great progress.


There is no sounds in Mario Galaxy/Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion yet, Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion have sound in the intro movie/Nintendo logo, while Mario Galaxy has just garbage sound or static.


Unlike the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess, all the Wii version does is output static or garbage sound.


As of Revision 3499 these changes were implemented:



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Yes in a way it does, before long these games will finally have sound and music. This is quite the milestone in Gamecube/Wii emulation, I believe I've read that the Dolphin team has uncovered things about the DSP hardware that wasn't even documented in widely used documentations such as YAGD.

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Super Mario Galaxy has music now, more DSP groundwork to come. :P


Music is actually clear, not garbled or broken like with the sound in Zelda/Mario in the past revisions..




Seems there are now no sounds in Windwaker/Twilight Princess for the time being, I'm guessing those changes were reverted and will be added again later.


Thank Luigi2us for this groundbreaking commit. I will be compiling and uploading a new build in a while.

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