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  1. Posted an interesting update in my blog, I hope you will be interested in it, it's first of it's kind
  2. Yep, that's possible, just watch this video. CaI0mloymyg All this is again done by Dolphin emulator, which made Wii games playable in 720p! Games have various graphical glitches, but mostly it happens for game rendering special effects for 4:3 only. But at least it's possible to play games in widescreen mode! You could post some of your comments here to ask a question, I'll be sure to answer them ^^ Michael Carew ~nosound.97 PS: for HD watch video on YouTube PS2: http://dcemu.co.uk/gamecube-in-16-9-242736.html
  3. Well, if it is really required, I've updated my blog with some information Tank you, 1emu and all staff for allowing blog hosting here ^^
  4. Since this is the place for my own blog, I think I would post it here, since recently I've got at Subway. I liked Subway as a visitor, now it's quite different to be a shop assistant Though I really like it I'm working here till October 3rd, since study at university begins and I could probably post how it feels in a quite different world: US is completely different from England! ~Michael Carew nosound.97
  5. Wow, sounds cool so far, thanks for sharing. Megaman 2 4ever!
  6. Hello, my name is Michael Carew, also known as nosound.97 on most of the forums and projects, nosound97 on Dolphin and some other websites and Little Mike on NGemu and Deviate (http://www.dv-8.me/). I'm 18 years old (at the moment I'm posting this entry), I'm from United Kingdom, Manchester City, studying moved me to United States of America. Currently I live in Minneapolis city, Minnesota. And, of course, I'm male I was involved into emulation scene very long time ago, maybe sometime in 2005. I was actively following Project64 and Dolphin emulators development and I was enjoying my games a lot. Well, I still don't have any trouble running Project64, but Dolphin on the other hand... Dolphin went open source, first release made a LOT more games playable and enjoyable, even Wii games started to show signs of life. But sometime in December 2008, I had problem with Super Smash Bros. Brawl (wasn't working at that moment) and since that time nosound.97 was born! I wish I can get those times back I advanced a lot in emulation, currently running EmuCraze emulation website. I'm also a member of Dolphin open source project (not main project, Dolphin INI/Cheats database (http://dolphin-cheats-database.googlecode.com/)), Dolphin and @ES (http://aruantec.xtemu.com/) beta tester and Super Moderator of Dolphin emulator forums. Hope to see you guys on this website more often, enjoy your life and my blog! ~Michael Carew, nosound.97
  7. Game is actually real FPS for Wii with decent gameplay and cool graphics, it worth buying
  8. Hmm, dark seems better for me, though I wasn't active that much here recently
  9. Yo, Xtreme, you have new website, that's new to me. How long were you growing your emu already?
  10. Yes, progress is really great, sounds are cracky still, but yeah, go, Dolphin, go! ;P
  11. More new places! Hello, I'm nosound.97!
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