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must have Wii games?


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so what are they. now I mean GOOD games. there is so much crap on the roster it's hard to know what is decent.

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Mad World

House of the Dead overkill

No more Heroes

Mario Galaxy

Super Smash Bro's

Twiglight Princess


If you have a emtpy DVD and desire some arcade goodness (and have a classic controler) get Geomitry Wars. Without hte classic controler though you pretty much aim to shoot and move with the analog, which is extremely uncomfertable.


I would like to try all the Sonic games but have heard so much crap about them that they sound unlikable.


There really aren't that many gems (as one would expect) hidden amongst the pile of trash that is called the "Wii Library". What sounds good probably is, and what isn't regonizable probably isn't.

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There are a lot of great, but underrated games on the Wii.

E.g. De Blob, a relaxing new Jump'N'Paint idea, with great leveldesign and fun gameplay.

Disaster, if you can handle the sometimes really bad textures and gfx, then it's a challenging and fun gameplay, with a lot twist, a hollywood like story with Nintendos (Monolith Soft = 1st party dev) first real great badass character.. hope there will be a sequel, but don't think so, because it wasn't such a big hit... :P

No more Heroes is the game with the best style in this whole fucking gen! The storyline with the assasins, the uber cool main character Travis with all his weaks and the art style with its 8bit icons and items! AWESOME!

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (if you are a RE Fan and want to have new background information) and House of the Dead Overkill for the fast and easy two player Rail Shooter fun, you can do nearly everytime and perfectly controllable with wiimote.

Little Kings Story: bought it yesterday and I LOVE IT!

It's so time consuming, so fun, so many nice details and great ideas... ♥ it!


AND ALL BIG Nintendo franchise like Zelda, all Marios (Galaxy, Strikers,...) , Metroid, Smash Brothers or Mario Kart, the new franchises like Excite Trucks or Excite Bots (never played it, wasn't released here yet, but I read the review), resurrected or polished ones like Punchout or the New Play Controls and even sometimes the Wii *** Games like Wii Fit or Wii Sport Resort (preordered yesterday) will bring you fun and longtime playtime.


I could tell you a lot more, but I think all of them will eta your time till next year, so have fun... (;

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I'm over the Wii for the second time. It's been on craigs list twice, but no takers.

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Sorry guys count me out of the Wii market - all Nintendo do now is advertise games that cost about 7p too make - and whats with the "You play Wii! You be HAPPY!!!" Thing they got going on?


There are no games other than Mario galaxy that I want for the system.

i have owned every console since the NES.

Nintendo suck the big one this time round.

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