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Please Help Me Find A Suitable Matx Motherboard


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im looking for a suitable matx mother board to create a pc for arcade gaming , i already have a processor at home which id like to use , its a 2.8ghz 90nm pentium 4 socket 775 800 ht , i probably only need 1gb of ram , i also dont need on board graphics and i would be happy with just analog audio, ill mostly be running 2d games.


im going to be using a arcadevga card via PCI-E or AGP as seen here




and they also note that onboad graphics could conflict with the card as quoted here



Note that Dell do not support the use of non-Dell VGA cards in their systems and there are non-standard features in the Dell BIOS which prevent non-Dell cards from working in some cases. So, although the card may work in Dell systems, we cannot guarantee this in all cases.

In order to work correctly, the ArcadeVGA card cannot co-exist with other VGA adaptors in the PC. If the PC has on-board graphics capability, it must be disabled by use of a jumper or BIOS setting. If there is no way to disable on-board graphics, we cannot guarantee the card will work.



so if i do get a board with onboard graphics i need to be able to turn it off via the bios , the reason i must have this graphics card is that its able to run at 15khz and run true low res so i can use it on a 21” crt tv via rgb scart and achieve a arcade picture perfect moniter

id rather use a ide harddrive , as i have a spare 120gb hdd lying around + id like to use these parts listed here




any help or suggestions would be great even if you think i could save money getting rid of my 775 processor as im no computer expert



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Any reason (aside from the case you have selected in the cart) that the board needs to be a Micro ATX?


The thing is, most MATX boards are considered “All in ones” meaning they provide Video, Audio and LAN onboard without needing to add hardware. I just did a quick scan of about 20 MATX boards we carry and they all have onboard video. (Gigabyte, Intel, ASUS, & Foxconn.)


You would have a much easier time finding a standard ATX without onboard video. ;)


As far as disabling the video in the BIOS, many current boards no longer support this function because it is handled automatically by the motherboard.


There may be a board out there that meets your criteria but I think you’ll definitely need to do some searching to find it.

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