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Should I buy a new DC?

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Had mine forever. It's having a LOT of trouble running burned games and the laser seems dead.

It also has trouble at times with non burned games.


Should I buy a new DC or get mine repaired? Please help.


I have had my DC since 99 I think.

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Buy and new one and get it repaired.


Agreed lol.


Honestly though, iirc, Cinder is very skilled at fixing consoles. You should fire him a pm.

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Oh no.......what did I do to deserve this!? Just kidding....


I recommend trying to adjust the pot on the GDROM laser, a very tiny adjustment could correct it and it will work for years to come. Make sure you read the resistance on the pot BEFORE adjusting, and only move in 5ohm increments and don't go outside of 20-30ohms in either direction!

You can still find the odd replacement laser for sale too.


I'm not adverse to fixing it for you, but you'd probably be able to get another for what it would cost in round trip shipping these days. A few years ago shipping was cheap enough I'd say otherwise.

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I'd recommend a pot tweak too. I did it to mine and ended up getting a few more years out of it. finally the motor just gave out.

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