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Ninja blade comes to japan xbla!


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Where can I get the RE5 demo? Is it in marketplace?

its available at the japanese marketplace as far as i know.

it nukes on american consoles. the first version of the demo that should still be available on torrents doesn't but make sure you are disconnected from live when you play or it will update and not work.

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I didn't have any loading problems. Ninja Blade was easier than Ninja Gaiden.

Fighting while running down the side of a skyscraper was fun, The Spider fight was cool too!!


See, I told you all.


Told us what?


Told us all about Ninja Blades greatness!


RE5 is a short demo, 2 (sorta) stages to get through.

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No, it was instantly superior cuz it wasn't made by Team Nonja. Then it was further superior from that cuz it's not Nonja Gayden.


The difficulty has nothing to do with Nonja Gayden's suckiness.

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