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The year is almost over.


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My condolences man, it's tough but you'll get through it.

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AS Gryph wished.... I'll be serious here-

I stopped going to college for awhile after wasting money on it because my mom was kinda forcing me to go.

Its hard to maintain grades if the only reason you're going is to make your parents proud. Im now becoming more serious about writing, and Im working to two books after I finish proofreading and casting my screenplay so we begin rehearsals in JAN. But I have a hard time getting to those two stories.

ALl in all, this year was a failure.

Gryph.....I feel you on your failed goal, as Im trying to find a girl who's devout in my faith. I tried some girls who arent and just never worked out. She drinks and smokes, and i dont, she does this and i dont and its just constant clashes. (shoulda known better).

I also i had a 1emu goal to reach 8000 views and 100 comments on my blog but that didnt happen either.

I wish I could.....

I might be going to a vocational school for Comp Graphics/Comp Engineering, cuz that sounds like something i would love doing as a career while i write.


Even though it may seem like I fart out stuff alot, I just release what i cant release offline....

Also, 1emuadventure meant alot to me, cuz its like training for the real thing that I hope to accomplish next year.

THere you go...... A piece of the real Shoma....no DP......

I pray that only can better at writing as time goes on....

Much love to 1Emu

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I'm at Fud Rockers (However you spell the name of that place, it just kicks ass for burgers), and I was sharing my first meal as a HS Graduate with my family. I was discussing with my parents and my grandparents what I should do. They all told me take the summer off. Do nothing if I want too, but come Fall, I was either going to college or going to get a job. I chose the former, but more on my first semester later.


So for about a week or two, the only thing I did was chill at my house and enjoy NeoSteam (a MMO). That's when an old friend knocked on my door and just let out the fact that him and my sister had been dating in secret for a while. At first I was weird about it, but it grew on me. Not only that, but I was able to see how my sister reacted, and how my friend did as well. Both of them being depressants and border-line emo's, had smiles for the first time in a long time. I have been craving social standards for a while now, and seeing those two kind of pushed me to attempt to achieve that goal.


We started going out, just chilling, and eventually the number rose from just 3 people to 7. Which was alright, only two chicks though which was weird but I got used to it. But it was fun. I remember we all went to publix on foot once, and just grabbed everything we thought would taste awesome, came back to my house and munched out with a mad BBQ. Felt fun, felt like a family. It's hard for me to trust people and everyone in my house that day, I trusted.


Then I realized I had no G/F, o man, that sucked. So I can play cool guy with a bunch of dudes, but crap dude with females is it different. I sweat, my voice cracks, and my swiftness and response to stupid questions changes drastically. In addition to that I tend to make a stupid fool out of myself, and not the funny kind, the weird kind. I realized all these extremely quick, and I didn't know what to do about it until recently so I won't get into details on that yet. Let's just say that during summer, the few girls I did talk too, all left with the same impression, "What a weirdo".


So after all the social tinkering I had done in summer, off I went to my first semester in college. I'll post about this later.







Shoma, chase your dreams! Don't ever give up your dream of writing, and so what if 1emu didn't get so many posts or comments, the only person your writing truly affects is you. Keep giving it your all, and life will throw presents at you without thought.


Gryph, it's not my place dude, but if this friend of yours was close, I'd do something about those finals and make sure I'd do them after the funeral and after I'd thought about him. But hey, some people consider growing up what you just did, and that's why I'm going to stay a kid forever :).

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you guys act like girls are unicorns or something. they are just other humans, just act normal and talk, there is no reason for cracking voices and goofy stunts. you were supposed to get that sh!t out of your system at like 12 years old.

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you guys act like girls are unicorns or something. they are just other humans, just act normal and talk, there is no reason for cracking voices and goofy stunts. you were supposed to get that sh!t out of your system at like 12 years old.


I get the vibe from you inky you have always had a good level of success with women, it often appears you know what you are talking about with them.

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I just work on the principle that they are people with personalities and likes and dislikes just like every guy you deal with on a day to day basis. It makes no sense that a guy can stand around and talk to his mates like a normal person but as soon as a girl enters the room it's all stuttering and nervous giggles.

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Just to get this over with.


Fall - Winter


So school starts, crap hits the fan as soon as I enter the registration office. I must have had at least ten conversations that day, only two of which where with men. Every other person I met there was either a female or a female from high school who felt alone.


From that, I managed to get a ride to school, who is turning out to be a good friend of mine, although unavailable for eternity. Kept good with another friend who helps me learn more and more with it when I help her(we hanged in the summer). I also met up with a old chase from high school, who apparently is the weed queen of the school, got invited to a "house" party (she rented a crib) which I didn't go too, at the time weed wasn't my thing. Then there was Jackie, a awkward woman who only adores drama and people, without either she would die(her mother has even insulted the people she hangs with in front of them). Then there is Y, whose name is way too long to announce, a good friend who I feel will stay my friend for a while, she's the one who's been helping me lately.


Those are friends (some would consider it backwards, but it's making me comfortable around the situations, I sweat on request, now it's becoming "meh"). The girls that tried with...


Tati (tanned) - Likes music, hates Paramore, on our first conversation she wouldn't stfu about bad music, soon after it became a "Hi" kind of thing....she was ugly anyways.


Tati (Highschool) - It's like talking to a wall, and I don't like walls


Girl from Psych - Didn't even get her name, another wall, I walked in class, she happened to be alone, I sat right next to her and said "hi", asked her how her day was, she said "fine", then grabbed her sidekick and looked at the wall. I seriously do not know what to do with a pretty girl who does nothing but look boring.


Vanessa - This was my goal, this girl is pretty. She's even been on T.V (though the Latino side of it). First few weeks of math nothing happens, but one day I realize that class is over and it's just me and her in the room. So I go sit next to her and manage to have an hour conversation, in it I discovered two things...weed and ex. Knowing this I still chase, and this is where I turn stupid. My friend teaches me how to smoke, I get high a couple of times(haven't done it since November) and it's whatever. We talk on occasion but nothing really happens, I don't push anything. Finally two weeks ago I told her that I was really into her and that I would enjoy hanging out with her. That lead us to being in Ihop, enjoying lunch. Soon after a smoke(cigs not weed) at the park. Then I haven't seen her since. I've been told by my friends to stay away, that she still loves her ex, but I don't like to quit, and I still feel like I can get somewhere with this girl.


So yea, next semester I plan on doing twice as much. It's extremely hard considering I don't have a car, and I swear the first question every girl in that building asks is "What car do you drive?". I probably won't get one anytime soon since getting a job here in Miami at the moment is like trying to find an elephant made of gold (life size).


On a positive note, before going to IHop last week, while having a conversation with Van, 4 guys did try and hit on her, and every single guy got rejected, but she would always turn her attention back to me without problem.


Inky/Emsly - It's hard man, and it takes a while to get used to the concept that they are human. I had a girl at that young age, and she broke me in two in middle school, got me into fights, made others think of me as a monster, and at the time I was too pu$$y to do anything about it. So every time I walk up to one I always feel like some stupid drama sh!t might go down again. But hey dude, that "chill" vibe you guys have, I'll get it too, I just won't have in 2008.

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Pretty girls are normally empty heads they are pampered all their life from birth and treat like royality thats why you always get cute hotties going with guys who just blast a headbutt on her in public (bad boys) they get a buzz out of the wild man thing, Ive been there and done that and I have to admitt its a fun ride when your the wild man and she is the hot little biatch who you have to spank to keep in place.


I just wish I could find more of them.


But yeah a good personallity to have with chicks straight away when you meet them is to come across as cocky an funy and a little overconfident, a good example is Leon S kennedy from the resident evil 4, or even the movie degeneration. Tom cruise in top gun is also another good example of someone a little over confident but trust me it drives women wild.

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