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DS2Key 1.01 - Now with Windows and Linux console support


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hey is there a way i can get this to run GrandChase ??? i got the arrows and z and x set but it does nothing to the game ???

As long as it uses the keyboard it should work. Double check that DS2Key is function properly, I've always used notepad as a test application.

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It seems most people found that it was intuitive and had no problem making it work. However if you read the entire topic, (especially the first post), you should have no trouble getting it to go.

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I would like to know how to activate the move-mouse mode, because when I select the cursor, it changes from no input on touchscreen to touchscreen-button input.

Related to that would you mind putting a faint grid please XD

And also, would it be possible to bind input from buttons to Inc/Dec in Mouse X/Y, and maybe use another buttons as mouse-movement modifiers.

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