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  1. Mouse control is very nice! I still cant map keyboard keys to the buttons though.
  2. I just tried it on my other PC and have the same result. Both are running XP.
  3. I'm using a standard american keyboard. When I click on a button and then choose "capture key press", it immediately sets the button to "none".
  4. How do you configure the buttons? The graphical client just sets the key to "None" if you tell it to assign a key. I see a text file where I can manually specify the keys, but I don't know the names that it's looking for. I want to use the "up/down/left/right keys on my keyboard, but just saying KEY_UP etc just uses the arrow keys on the numpad.
  5. Edit: nevermind what I originally posted. There is an issue with the windows graphical client though. If you set the log level to "all messages", then the client will actually get slower and slower as it writes each message, and become unable to send the keypresses to the applicaiton in realtime. Probably a limit should be set on the amount of messages in the text box at once.
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