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  1. Wow, its been a while, I've been looking around lately and the DSi and most likely the DSi XL don't support pressure.
  2. Well the Pressure control would be used for a tablet feature, which would be the mouse because of the ease of stylus, pressure giving it depth, I myself have a tablet, but those who don't would benefit, and I know what it's like not to have a tablet, it really sucks. I know all the stuff I included in my pictures arent going to all be in the next update, but it's something to maybe shoot for. The panels are left to right then top to bottom. 1. - 3. This is the top screen in different modes, the only difference is the 'Mode' Label. This is where all the settings are here. To use the Top s
  3. A cursor aspect, both like a mouse pad (drag and droping the cursor...I can't really explain it) and where the walls of the touch screen are the walls of the computer screen, would be great for those who want to draw on the computer but don't have a tablet. Pressure sensitivity as well, there's a homebrew called "colors" and it actually has calibratable pressure sensitivity, the Touch button visual sectoring is a good idea. Another thing i would want to add, would be (if its possible) to be able to eject the flash card and put it in a separate ds, so two player can play game on one computer.
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