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Atari Jaguar

Virtual Jaguar [v1.0.7] (Homepage)

Project Tempest [v0.95] (Homepage)



Magic Engine [v1.1.3] (Homepage)

HU-GO [v2.12] (Homepage),



Nestopia [v1.40] (Homepage)

FCE Ultra [v2.1.4] (Homepage)

VirtuaNES [v0.97] (Homepage - Japanese)

JNES [v1.0.2] (Homepage)

RockNES [v5.05] (Homepage)

Nemulator [v2.2.1] (Homepage)


NESticle [vx.xx] (Homepage) NOTE: Not a recommended emulator, simply here for nostalgic purposes.


Super Nintendo

ZSNES [v1.51] (Homepage)

bsnes [v073] (Homepage)

Snes9x [v1.52 fix4] (Official download mirror)


Nintendo 64

1964 [v1.1] (Homepage)

Project64 [v1.6] (Homepage)

Mupen64Plus [v1.99.4] (Homepage)


GameCube / Wii

Dolphin [sVN r6675] (Homepage)



ePSXe [v1.7.0] (Homepage)

pSX [v1.13] (Homepage)


Playstation 2

PCSX2 [v0.9.7 Beta] (Homepage)


Sega Master System/Genesis/Game Gear/Sega CD

Kega Fusion [v3.64] (Homepage)


Sega Saturn

SSF [v0.12 Prototype] (Homepage - japanese)

Yabause [v0.9.10] (Homepage)


Sega Dreamcast / Sega NAOMI etc.

NullDC [v1.0.4 r50] (Homepage)

DEmul [v0.5.6 WIP] (Homepage)

Makaron [v.Test 12/5] (Homepage)



Mednafen [v0.8D] (Homepage)

MESS [v0.140] (Homepage)


*Revised and updated by Agozer on 12/28/2010*

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A few more for n64

Daedalus - http://daedalus.boob.co.uk/

Corn - http://www.emuhq.com/corn/

Apollo - http://apollo.emulation64.com/


Atari Jaguar

Virtual jag - http://www.icculus.org/virtualjaguar/


And for multiple emulators

madnefen - http://mednafen.com/

mess - http://www.mess.org/

xe - http://www.xe-emulator.com/ (commercial)

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