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-Handheld Emulators Listing-


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Gameboy/Color/Super Gameboy

BGB [v1.12] (Homepage)

Gambatte [v0.4.1, Qt] (Homepage) -GB/GBC only-

KiGB [v2.05] (Homepage)

No$Gmb [v2.5] (Homepage) -Old but good, shareware-

VBA-M [sVN956] (Homepage)


Gameboy Advance

VBA-M [sVN956] (Homepage)

No$Gba [v2.6, free - v2.6a, donators] (Homepage)


Nintendo DS

No$Gba [v2.6, free - v2.6a, donators] (Homepage)

iDeaS [v1.0.3.8 Beta] (Homepage)



Cygne [v2.1a] (Homepage) -Old-

OSwan [v0.70, original] (Homepage) -Old-

OSwan/J [1.73 / r99, modified] (Homepage - Japanese)



GeePee32 [v0.43] (Homepage)


Neo-Geo Pocket

NeoPop [v0.71] (Homepage)


Game Gear

Kega Fusion [v3.64] (Homapage)


UPDATE: Rewrote the list for those who find it useful. /agz

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I would guess that there are little to no working emulators available for the PSP.

But the topic is only about handheld emulators for PC, not emulators for handhelds.

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VBA-M is independent now and not 'vendorlocked' into any external sites. The old subdomain is pretty much obsolete/inactive and doesnt redirect (yet?) to the new location.


Last rev is 854, and new homepage and its official forum, so for VBA-M progress and updates, one location:



Edited by Hard Core Rikki
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The above sites won't load. Was fairly curious as to the status of this emulator. Would be wonderful to know how you guys are handling the online part.

VBA-M changed hosts a good while back, after issues first with NGEmu and then the vba-m.com domain. Use Google Code if you want the latest binaries.

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