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Top Games For Gamerpoints

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king kong, fight night round 3, avatar the last airbender.


avatar can get you 1000 points in a few minutes. I've never done it though.


fight night and king kong can get you 1000 each in just a few days. of casual play.


all the early EA sports games had easy cheevos.

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well since i dont have an Xbox 360 yet, all i can play is gears lol


But i Ordered "The Club" and im going to Buy Halo 2 soon both for PC. THere are very few games on the PC that offer gamerpoints.


Add me guys

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What is the Gamerscore for actually? Other than to look good/superior?

That's basically it. I like to think of them of doing things after beating the game and as challenges that one can work toward to accomplishing.

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