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what gaming mags do you/did you read?

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i always liked mean machines the most as it covered mostly games in the import scene and im talking about the early days before the megadrive and snes were launched in europe and america.

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I always remember the Mean Machines with the SF2 preview. I must have read that 100 times easily, leading up to the SNES release. Never have I ever looked forward to a game as much as that, nor have I since. I think it was the one with the pic below as the cover.




They also gave these cards away with that issue IIRC, which I still have for some reason :P



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ive still got the issue in the attic somewhere and yes i remember those cards only to well.i had a snes imported frm japan on the day the snes got released in japan and then i went and paid an importer £150 for the game,i just didnt care about the price,i just wanted it badly.

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