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Otomedius arcade stick from Hori/xbox 360!

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$250 for a stick, with a touchscreen meant for ONE game? That's laughable along with all the other prefab sticks out there. Buy a damn 360 controller, make your own passthrough and arcade controller and be done with it for under $100, and deal with using the second analog stick to cover the touchscreen controls.


Every single prefab arcade stick I've ever seen is disgustingly (And I mean literally puke worthy) overpriced.

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New arcade stick coming from hori with a biult in touch screen.


link via arcade rennaisance




I've been meaning to get a Hori for years but they are alomost always sold out or I've been skint. Damn these region-locked games. Play-Asia has Otomedius + Hori for £175 + whatever the shipping would be. That's pretty hefty for a casual gamer.

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If you were thinking about getting a Hori why would you even consider getting this one?


Oh lord no, I wouldn't get this one, I just meant Horis in general. With the 99% certainty that this will be region locked it's not going to be any good to me. It's a PS2 Hori I want(ed) anyway, at least until I get a JP 360 :)

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