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The Diablo III Thread

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I threw away my D2 :). It was an accident >.<!

yeah me too, but I think I have a backup :)

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Well, seriously, you guys are all complaining about how terrible the art or lore is, and how they flocked everything up. I haven't seen a single comment on gameplay, even though there's a very good ten minute video with commentary focused solely on gameplay.


So here, I think the gameplay looks like Diablo, which is going to be fun. What are your thoughts?

The gameplay looks so good that I'm seriously feeling dizzy thinking about how long it will be before I can play it.


I just wish those things the Barb hacks through didn't look and sound like Murlocs.


On Necs that was my first class. 20/20/20 in Skels + Enigma = PvM ownage. PvP ownage too for that matter.

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I've only really played a Necromancer since the synergy patch. Everything else seems so confusing, but with the Necromancer, I just put all of my points into my bone spells, sans bone armor, and I'm good to go.

Lol, I always use Bone Arrow to get through :)

I always had Bone Armor active, but it got more health from bone wall and bone prison than it did from putting points into the actual skill.

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Geez, email subscription under fire .. <_<

I'd read through tonight. But guys, have a think. The best and only Hack'n Slay game between 2006 up to 2010 is Titan Quest with expansion. Why killing each other because of D3 :lol: *expects tomatoes now*



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Yeh you can- you can use the 'Other Multiplayer' option to set up private games. Other than that, I don't know :S


Theres an unofficial server set somewhere, you change your HOSTS file so the game doesn't connect to Battle.net, but this other place. I just read about it a couple days ago, but I can't remember where or what this master server address is.

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I got into Diablo way late. So I'm not too keen to the game but I definately would want to play this one.


Also, the Barbarian does look like a WoW Orc Warrior. Exact hair and beard from the game just the skin not green.

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