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Free MC Boot Released for PS2

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This news is 3 weeks old, so don't think I'm unaware of that.


Basically this is an ELF that you can put on your 8MB Sony Memory Card that will allow you to boot any homebrew you want at startup on an otherwise unmodded PS2. This can be a Swap Magic-like program, HDLoader, SMS or anything else. You can even get it to boot uLaunchELF, which is basically just a menu for you to select one of your homebrew instead of having just one boot automatically.


I've used it, it works, and would write this up with quotes and whatnot except I cannot be F'ed. So yeh if you're using the Independence Exploit, trade up to this and avoid using your disc drive completely. The catch actually is that disc access is disabled while this exploit runs.



Here's the thread; http://www.console-exploits.com/forums/sho...ad.php?p=104485


Here's the link to the files; http://www.console-exploits.com/forums/sho...ad.php?p=104485



One more thing; if you have no idea about PS2 homebrew please don't ask me. I'm just posting this for everyone who has their PS2 solutions set up and may not have been following the scene to notice this getting released.

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Wow! This is great news. Now does this also work on Slim PS2's? And so is this better than what the FreeVast project was trying to accomplish?

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This is the FreeVAST project, just renamed. And yeh, it works on all PS2 models.

Damn, I'm surprised I didn't hear about this news either. I'm glad you posted this!


Now could you load swapmagic onto a MC and play backup games on a Slim PS2 without the swap magic discs? Has anyone attempted that yet to success?

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The catch with this is, so far at version 1.4, disc access is still disabled while the exploit runs. So Swap Magic will load, but the disc motor will not spin up. I gather this is on the WIP list of things to fix.

Why are people rejoicing that now they don't have to worry about their lasers wearing out? Didn't uLaunchELF have an option to disable the disc from spinning for the FAT PS2's? I only see this being just an easier process and a new option for Slim PS2 users.


Any info also on how they got the exploit to work? How does this one work differently than the Independence exploit?

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The Independence Exploit needs a PSX disc in the drive on bootup to work.


This one does not, therefore in theory you don't need to use your laser at all if you have a HDD installed. This is good for all the people with Fat PS2s whose lasers have died- they couldn't trigger the Independence Exploit.

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So I can't pop this on, and load Cogswap/Swap Magic and boot a backup?

Great for loading homebrew anyway, but kind of useless to me, as theres no homebrew for PS2 that comes even close to what the Xbox has to offer, I just use my PS2 for games.


Edit - I read through those forum posts. Apparantly disc access works on some PS2's, some require a disc in the drive on boot up (Who knows why? Verification of there being a disc in?) and some just work fine without. Others don't work at all.

I've got 3 or 4 cards, I think I'll give this a try on one without IDE.


Here's 1.4 for those who don't wish to sign up there, or google (You lazy punks) - FREE_MCBOOT_1.4.rar

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