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DS2Win Fusion 0.82


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Is there any chance ,that I will succeed in using this application via internet if my PC doesnt have a Wi-Fi?

I will check anyway ,but im just curious if you already know the answer. (even if it will work the speed will be crappy ,since me ,and my DS will be in Lithuania ,and my PC at my home in Poland)

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Haven't checked if anyone's put up a request, but I'm pretty sure this is somewhat unique... I was hoping that you could run the key press events as Joystick emulations and have the server convert them upon entry, or leave them as Joystick presses.


Skip this to save some useless reading:



This would allow one to use an app such as Joy2Key to bypass some applications anti-Bot protection which is how your key-presses are being converted. Joy2Key doesn't Just emulate the key-presses, it converts Joysticks to Keyboards, making it VERY simple to make up any control scheme you wanted on your PC. My eventual idea involves "dumbing" down the graphics on several PC games, and attempting to 'play' these games, finding out which ones are viable, and which ones would be a waste of time.

Joy2Key also allows for advanced key-presses (pressing A has Effect-1, while Holding R and pressing A has Effect-2), and cuts down on a LOT of coding on your behalf. This allows the DS to have an incredible number of keys compared to what its supposed to have. Not quite useful for full-keyboard assessments, but decent enough for multi-skill video games, or Application quick-commands...


Point being, this would allow more control with the application than is currently possible (including those who want fully customizable controls) as well as remove some limitations on certain Applications (most MMO games). Not to mention that by adding a key->joy option, you could make it so that people don't HAVE to download Joy2Key, but more as a 'Can'... that or just run in the built-in Joystick configurations.


Thank you for reading and your considerations.


End request


Begin Advice:


To all of you who don't have Wifi systems on your PC's:

This application is known as a Virtual Network Connection and was meant to allow a person(you) to control your computer from over an internet-based system. Simple version: If your computer is in any way connected to the same wifi source your DS uses, you can use this home-brew application.



DS -> Wifi -> Computer = compatible

DS -> Wifi -> Modem -> Router -> Computer = compatible (recommended)

DS -> Wifi -> Modem -> Intranet -> friends modem -> friends computer = compatible (requires advanced moddifications and port forwarding)


Advice #2:

If you have a slow connection or the reception isnt as fast as you would like, try these steps:

1) Get closer to your wifi source

2) Slow the screen you dont use down to "Normal" or less (depending on use)

3) Don't press a lot of keys too quickly.

4) Restart the Server

5) Restart the computer



Good luck

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This kind of homebrew usually requires a GBAMP v2 or similar card (gba slot) in order to save the data... This exact download has been tested, run, and succesfully controls World of Warcraft. This was done using the R4v1 (bugged spring version with MicroSD) and a GBAMPv2 (half red, half white CF GBA cart). Without the *.gba file in the root directory (meaning D:\ or E:\ etc) this program wont find the file and cant pull memory from it. Check your hardward then report back. Good luck.


Its a bit buggy for WoW and theres a huge lack of controls, but it still works none-the less. If i were to name the problems, 1 would be that it almost seams like it converts to 256 and THEN shrinks... converting takes a fraction more time to process... who knows, might not... Also, I understand the controls are designed fore desktop use and not gaming, but for most applications, this homebrew lacks that certain bit of customization. Thirdly, i believe the touch screen can be improvised. Personally, id like a better scroll function, and the option to use a full-screen based touchpad or a mouse-pad based touchpad. To describe this more, the Full-screen method uses a touchpad to click anywhere on the ENTIRE screen converted to 256x192 pixels (ds screen size). A mouse-pad method uses a area click method.it uses the place touched down as a centerpoint, and the new x and y values as movement. Theres also a bug in almost every homebrew ive faced when using the orignal DS and almost any flash card. This bug is found on touch.release methods where the new x/y is close to 180x230 and sometimes 180x20 ... this can be patched by a simple code line checking for last known movement coordinates before a touch.release and the release coordinates and checking the distance. Then add a maximum change distance which will cut out that bug at LEAST 80% of the time. Using a mix c++ code, ill present it:


lastX = touchX; //variables (coordinate)
lastY = touchY;
touch.Get(); // touch press command
touchX = touch.X; // touch.X is the returned value
touchY = touch.Y;

//If pen was released, and distance traveled (x or y) is greater than 15
if (touch.release() && ((abs(touchX-lastX) > 15) || (abs(touchY-lastY) > 15))) {
 touchX = lastX; touchY = lastY; // reset values
//15 means that you can still move the pointer quickly, but it will cut down on accidental off-screen presses that aren't your fault



I was also wondering if it were possible to use the PC to select certain areas to map to the DS zoom screen... or even a hidden DS screen found when swapping through screen-methods... So far i see Zoom on Top, Zoom on Bottom, Shared Zoom (top, bottom)... adding another shouldn't be too terribly bad right? The idea of this is to locate commonly pressed buttons to easily click. Areas that the user has to retrieve over and over, but doesn't need the zoom to sit there. Little complicated, but just more ideas thrown out there. That, or a customizable Touchscreen savepoints mapped to an ini file would be useful. make a button-based menu that has different mapped areas defined by the user. EX:

# (startX,startY,endX,endY)Name,Type (LocX,LocY,Identifier,Var) Zoom = 1; Button = 2; Null = 0;
#Button Example
(001,001,010,010)StartMenu, Touch (190,2,0,0)
#Normal Zoom to Area Example
(001,011,010,020)Close, Zoom (1,240,1,4)
#Zoom to 1:1 scale Example
(011,011,020,020)Zoom Out, Zoom (1,1,1,1)
#KeyPress funciton
(011,011,020,020)Escape, Keypress (0,0,2,27)


Simple coding, Reads the button print locations, the text in the Button (not that i didnt actually scale the buttons) would read the type of action when its pressed, and what to do from there.


Button Example would run a mouse-press event at 190x2 on the DS screen (translates to roughly the Start button's location) but wouldnt require zooming to that location.

Normal Zoom to Area Example zooms to a 4:1 ration close to where the minimize-maximize-close buttons are found. the coordinates arent exact, but your embedded re-alignment should take care of mistakes like that.

Zoom to 1:1 scale example would zoom completely out. This can sometimes be handy, more of just an example of what the code COULD do if implemented.

KeyPress function would press a key that you constantly press. Not designed to replace the keyboard, more along the lines of making it easier to hit a constantly used button without having to hope you hit the button every time (make a few keys bigger)

these buttons would come out looking like this:









Using a script like that would cut down on a lot of moving around, cut down on a NEED to use the zoom, and would make zooming to locations a fair bit easier and faster to do. Not to mention make this app actually practical ^.^

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