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  1. The reconnect feature doesn´t work after the sceens stop refreshing, it just stays at the waiting screen. i also think its something about the hub, but i don´t know whether it´s a wrong setting or if the router is incompatible. i´m using a FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7113 router with the latest firmware.
  2. hi, i really tried hard last days to get that working ,but i couldn´t handle it so i´m trying to get a hint from you (monkeynz) or somebody else willing to help me i tried some of the earlier versions (before 0. and nearly all of your .82x versions, beside your .82 version for witch you announced it shouldn´t freese. i tried two OS: XP and Vista, opened port 8888 as UDP (also tried TCP), added firewall exception, deaktivatet firewall, deaktivatet antivirus software and tried a lot of ip configurations, but still wasn´t able to figure out why it stops refreshing. so maybe you could tell if youre done with this app/thread. but i hope somebody else could help me otherwhise, ps: as i tried the app at a friends network i couldnt believe how good it really worked, if it just could do so at my home network, this version would work for me very well
  3. hi, first i have to say that i luv ur program and i kinda think its the most usefull homebrew programm i was astonished by the ease of use like the wfc autoconnect feature, what shows that you really put a lot of effort into it, but i still have a bug when using the virtual desktop mode, the screens stop to refresh after a short period of time... while the remote funktions, moving the mouse etc. still remain working. when trying the programm on a friends network the problem didn´t occur, so i was checking my system-configurations but couldn´t figure out the problem. maybe somebody had a similar problem and could tell me where the failure is at. greets stuka47
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