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  1. Yes absolutely, but you would have to make sure your port 8888 is forwarded to the internet, and unblocked from your firewall(s). www.portforward.com has a lot of guides to help you set this up, the destination ip for the port forward is your PC's IP address port forwarding is also called virtual servers on some modems/routers I've done this before, and if your upstream bandwidth is ok, it can be just as good as over a local network.
  2. First of all thats your external (internet) IP, so if you're connecting on your own network you need the ip address of the machine running the server (which you can get by typing ipconfig at a command prompt) Second, read the readme... it tells you to pad out your IP with extra zeros if you have a number like 5 its 005, so yours would be
  3. Thanks! You can feel free to send me a PM if you need advice, can't promise when I'll be able to reply, but will check it every now and then!
  4. Yes it was pretty official when i released 0.82 and called it the final version, I won't be working on it anymore, but I wish you all the best! I won't be offended by any changes whatsoever (I've just improved the software anyway, the original author Sintax designed the GUI menuing system, and did a lot of the technical work). I just optimized it, fixed bugs and made it much more usable (before i worked on it a lot of the clicking was inaccurate, screen colors were garbled and it would only give you a screen update every 10 seconds or so, as well as not responding to keypresses half the time - due to the large delay between redrawing). As long as future coders keep up the quality of the code and presentation, I'd be really happy to see people add more to this great little program - just DONT FORGET TO RELEASE YOUR SOURCE!!! No one since Sintax released their source (version 0.5) that I can see.. so all their changes were lost to the community. As far as bugs go, the only one I came across was trying to call a procedure with a few too many arguments (I think it was 5) and it kept ignoring one - I was trying to pass the zoom level in the DS code - I had to write some kind of dirty fix to get around it, and the file reading/writing code is pretty basic, as I just did enough to get it working on my R4, as I didn't have other cards to test it with. Good luck, and my sincere thanks to Sintax for starting off such a great project.
  5. Thanks everyone for you kind comments! Unfortunately since starting my own software development business in NZ, I haven't the time to further develop this software. A few hints for those who'd like to recompile: It should compile with a clean install of Delphi and Indy 10, or with a few small modifications it will run with Indy 9 that comes with Dephi 7. The source for the DS code will compile under a default Devkitpro/ARM installation to c:\devkitpro\ I tried to make the code as straightforward as possible, and didn't have a fixed plan to release it so didn't comment the delphi much (compare it to the original C++ server, and you'll see the massive reduction in lines of code as I rewrote it - its much easier to follow now) There is a bit of ugly stuff where I tried to make it handle virtual keys in a more compatible way, but hopefully future coders can work out the correct way to do it!
  6. Just hold R and use ABXY to change the zoom. (If you don't want it to swap screens first, Hold L and then hold R, and release L, then use ABXY while still holding R).
  7. why don't you use a game that uses WFC like Mario Kart to setup (and test) the WFC settings, then use the WFC connect feature? If you don't have Mario Kart you can use DSOrganise to configure WFC (firmware saved wifi settings). Also make sure you've opened a port on your windows firewall or 3rd party firewall (or temporarily disabled it).
  8. To compile the server under Delphi 7, you'll need to get Indy 10 (free download) Win2DS (Server) source code can be downloaded from: http://www.filefactory.com/file/335522/n/Win2DS_source_zip DS2Win (Client) source code can be downloaded from: http://www.filefactory.com/file/783dcd/n/DS2Win_source_zip Good luck to any developers who pick this up! DS2Win.source.zip Win2DS.source.zip
  9. I'm not sure why it stops working after a while, does it work again if you select Reconnect from the menu? Could possibly be something to do with your wireless hub.
  10. Hi Guys, Yes this will probably be the last release, if I release any more updates they will just be minor fixes. I'll be releasing the source code shortly (once I clean it up) for anyone who is interested in picking up the project and taking it a step further. I've enjoyed the challenge of working on this nice piece of software, its been a lot of fun, hope you guys enjoy using it! Cheers, monkeyNZ
  11. Thanks for the feedback - Interesting idea, you could achieve this manually at the moment by renaming the DS2WIN.INI file using DSOrganize or some other file browser, but would be a bit clunky. I'm aware of the blank letters problem, have tried a few times to fix this, but haven't had any luck finding the solution yet.
  12. Theres a new version (0.82) here http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27746
  13. DS2Win Fusion v0.82 - June 12, 2008 ----------------------------------------- DS2Win Fusion is a program designed to allow you to do ALL the things you could do with your PC, harnessing the wireless capabilities and touch screen for maximum usability. Play movies, games and browse the net, check emails, the sky is the limit! All you need is a windows PC and a wireless router or card. This is an customized build of the Win2DS client and server, both the client and server have been enhanced to provide new features, higher speed and service quality. Note: This release will need to be DLDI patched before using (unless you have a R4DS like me and its done automatically) Changelog: ---------- 0.82 "final version" server - movie name and frameskip are now shown while playing movies in player client - custom keys are saved to memory card client - recompiled with devkitpro r23 If you have trouble getting this to work PLEASE read the readme.txt file included very carefully and follow the instructions. Download from: Rapidshare Filefactory Enjoy! ds2win.ds.zip
  14. I've had a go at making the keys work with MAME, but can't find the right combination of virtual key scan codes to use. I've done a small update which shows the name of the movie you are playing, and the current frameskip, but nothing major yet. Thinking about making it save the custom keys possibly for the last version.
  15. I dont have a EZ4 to test with, but you could try downloading one of the earlier versions before I added DLDI support and see if that works? Have you managed to successfully patch any other DLDI homebrew? (Is there anyone else with a EZ4 that can help?)
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