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  1. i have the same problem and i fixed it this might and will help u u need pfconfig look it up on google download the free trial then install then u open it it will ask for a code just click cancel and a little window will come up just press ok then it will show default appications then custom appication click custom then click new type win2ds il ask u for a port put 8888 udp click finsh or what ever then go to foward this app then il show your ip if u set it up when u first get the pfconfig it justs popos up then click finsh then go to update router then il bring u to i site just exit it then your done start your server turn on your ds enter your ip adders thats in your start run cmd ipconfig then il show u have to have a router to make this work then win2ds on your ds it will ask u for pass word i dont enter any so just click enter then your done happy win2dsing
  2. my win2ds oesnt wrok i did every thing it said to do and i got a d-link wireless router and wheni ever i leave to password blank in the server exe or put 1 in it says password rejected i need help
  3. i need help really ok i opened port 8888 on my windows firewall udp. i use win2ds 0.8 fusion i setup my wfc on mario kart and ds organize i went to my run i typed cmd ipconfig typed in my ip on the ds its ok for now. i start the server before i turned my ds on and i didnt put any passwrods in so i just clicked enter and it says pass word rejected is it my wep code on my router i use a d-link router i need help
  4. i have the same router and it takes win2ds0.2 to autensate it sucks this version the other version are better but they dont work for me it just says password rejected when i dont even put a passwrod in the server exe or if i put a password in iut just says password rejected/.
  5. just go to a wifi gane u own or use ds organize and setup it or on mario kart u can congigurit if u have a router. configur
  6. i need help my win2ds doesnt work every version doesnt work me me.ok so i start my server i started/ opened port 888 i use d-link router. ok i start my ds i connect to my wfc its done associon or somthing like that its done that it says ebeter your password i didnt put any password in the server and i click enter on my ds its says password rejected. is it my router or wep key i need help.
  7. i have a dlink router and it doesnt let me to connedt on win2ds0.2 does it take forever to autencate or is it slow
  8. none of any win2ds works i dont know how to fiz it and when i ever i open a port and click server then i turn on my ds i enter my ip adderss of my router computer and it says waiting forever please help me
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