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  1. is there a way to connect over internet?
  2. Hey how did u get it to work on a Cyclods Evoloution I got a Cyclods Evoulotion too but it say it cant connect can you tell me how you just got it to work? My Cyclo also work fine. must be some thing else.
  3. Don't think so... The next version can be 0.83 or 1.00 or 0.83beta or 1.00beta. Some homebrew even have name like this (on beta release) (Name) Ver 1.4 finalfinalbeta1
  4. I think our old Game pad problem is getting better, Good work! Thank : )
  5. And waiting for new update btw, my DSL work fine
  6. select "start at window startup" in server option
  7. Sorry, I'm late The e-mail notify suddenly won't work anyway, I will test it right away. Thank for update
  8. IF you can connect to router, you can use DS Browser(Opera) to login
  9. I have another question... What is the name of this program? Win2DS or DS2Win
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