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looking for a game with 2 guys-brothers with ribbon onto their heads

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hello guys, im not sure if this is the right place to ask for this but im looking for a game that goes from side to side, its level based and it has a boss in the end of each stage. the cover image shows 2 guys or brothers i dont know with ribbons, like Rambo, but its not a Rambo game. the target of the game is to beat all the bosses and save ur family which is captivated. during the game you collect some crosses and in the end of each level you exchange them with some weapons and ammo.


lets hope that u understand the game and tell me the title


thx anw guys

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Well while were at it, im also looking for the name of a game.


It was an NES game, Side scroller, asian look to it. He could climb up trees n stuff, he would pick up a ring that would make the screen flash and kill everyone. Doubt thats descriptive enough. lol

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