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Favorite KOF Character


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Iori's cool, his looks compliment his attitude.


First KoF game I played though had Eiji Kisaragi as a playable character, and that ninja ROCKED. He hasn't been in a KOF game since then (think he makes a cameo appearance in KoF98 though, in Billy's intro). I'm annoyed by this.

They should've put him in SvC so he could show Vega/Balrog how the whole Ninja thing is properly done. I haven't gotten the hang of playing Lin yet to replace him. :rolleyes:

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Mai - Stupid hoe with big tits <get off of Andy's d1ck>


Chang - Big guy with a big weapon


Lucky - He uses a basketball :P <Bring the USA team back!!!>


Ralf - luv the rapid fire punch move

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