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streetfighter alpha3 on ps1.

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is it true that on streetfighter alpha3 on the ps1 you have more characters than the arcade version.

if true then is it the same characters from streetfighter alpha3upper?

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PSX A3 came out first and has everyone (PSX got Boxer, Guile, Hawk, DJ, Fei-Long+Dolls, Arcade only had Boxer+Dolls) before Upper/Double Upper. It's not arcade perfect either, it's missing tons of frames from the CPS2 verison. Dreamcast version had all the PSX specialties, but was more arcade perfect. Upper (Arcade) didn't add Guile, Hawk, DJ, Fei-Long until it was ported to handhelds if I recall.


The PSP has all the balance changes of Upper + The Secret Characters + Ingrid.

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thanks wiz.

the reason i was asking is because im gonna try it out on pcsxbox for xbox1,apparently the emulation of this game is perfect on xbox,ive already got all the streetfighter alphas through emulation on xbox and that includes the gba version.but i want those extra characters so psx it is.

funny thing is ive got a dreamcast but im really into ps1 emulation just now so maybe ill get it later,but thanks again.

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