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Gaelco releases World Rally roms

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From Mameworld forum


Gaelco, the makers of World Rally and other arcade games, have, in an extremely generous move, decided to release the roms free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.


World Rally


The aim of Gaelco, S.A. behind liberating the World Rally code has been that all players who took part in the success of the game, can since today live those moments again from one's home couch.


From here and on behalf of all we want to thank all those who made World Rally I running on our PC such a reality. Without the selfless endeavor and effort of Manuel Abadia and Elsemi, among others, this would not have been possible.


We also want to disapprove and isolate those opportunists who are already thinking the way to take advantage of Gaelco's, S.A. generosity and turn it into a lucrative business, using the free-liberated code of Gaelco, S.A. for commercial means. These persons will turn this generosity into mistrust, that can affect future collaborations.


We sincerely wish you enjoy this game.

Platform: MAME

http://www.gaelco.com/english/pages/hablando/frhablan.htm and scroll down a page.

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That's absolutely fantastic. :) I really do love it when game developers support emulation of their old games -- it really lets you know that they actually care about their fans and letting more people enjoy their games.

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