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No Cake And Eat It Too


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Children in a New Zealand school have been banned from bringing cakes to share on their birthdays, due to new government healthy eating guidelines.


Pupils at Oteha Valley primary school north of Auckland have been told they are allowed to celebrate their birthdays, but the cake must stay at home, the New Zealand Herald newspaper reported.


The Ministry of Education has been on a fat-busting crusade, introducing sweeping guidelines against unhealthy food in New Zealand schools.


Oteha Valley has a large number of pupils born in September and October, and there can be up to four cakes a week in some classes, principal Megan Bowden told the Herald.


It had gotten to the point where parents thought they were required to provide a cake for their child's birthday.


The school has advised parents in a newsletter to stop sending cakes to school from the next term.


A Ministry of Education spokesman told the Herald the government guidelines only applied to food sold on the premises, and schools did not need to monitor food brought in from outside.




This is stupid as crap. Kid at that age eat sweets and lots of them. Denying them cake is just cruel. Another funny way that authorities try to take charge of our lives...lol. Get a life you people in charge and leave them kids alone. Teachers Leave Them Kids Alone....As said by Floyd.



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Oteha Valley has a large number of pupils born in September and October,

thats more interesting to me then the cake story, it means the majority of the boning goes on in December and January.


as for cake, i dunno. I or anyone I went to school with never brought a cake to school for birthdays, that is for home, not school.

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