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ketsui/dodonpachi dai jo dou black label/360.

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dodonpachi djd and ketsui are coming to 360,wheather or not these get released out of japan,well i doubt it.i just hope that the games will be region free.

ive got dodonpachi djd on the ps2,if you like your cave shooters/bullet hell,then you will like these 2 games,never actually played ketsui myself but from what ive seen,it looks very promising.


raiden fighters aces was released in japan a few days ago,raiden fighters1,2 and 3 on one disc.unfortunately that disc is region locked,so no raiden love for me,unless the hackers eventually crack the 360 hardware for region free gaming.



list of shmups for 360.


raiden fighters aces

omega five(2.5d)

1942(2.5d version coming soon)

shikigami no shiro3

raiden 4(rumour)

dodonpachi djd/ketsui

triggerheart exelica(2.5d)

anymore ive missed please post.


so anyone played any of these games,or getting any of them.

personally i want omega 5,1942(2.5 updated version),raiden 4,raiden fighters aces and dodon/ketsui.

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I have trigger heart exelica on live arcade, is that the same as the 2.5d one?

yip it sure is.

2.5d=3d backgrounds and models with 2d gameplay.

bambi get ikaruga,you will not be dissapointed.treasures best game bar none.

be warned though hard as hell. :blink:

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I just found out that DoDonPachi DJD + Ketsui were actually proposed for Live Arcade and then rejected. This annoys me deeply. Wtf, Microsoft? You market the service as an 'Arcade' but then want to cut down on the arcade ports?


Yeah, I can't remember exactly why they were rejected but I was sickened. Especially considering some of the stuff they passed already. I didn't bother with Ikaruga or TE as I have played them to death on the Dreamcast. I might just grab them anyway for convenience. DOJ/Ketsui I would have bought at the drop of a hat though. RF being region locked isn't a good sign either, but it was to be expected.


I missed your earlier post BK. Go ahead and add me, but I only have GTA and Halo 3 for online, and I can't abide Halo! I need a few more good online games.

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just had a quick look on the developers website,their saying a late 2008 release for the release.also their is an online petition going to get this game released outside of japan.

bk was neogeo battle colleseum rumoured to be going to Live arcade?

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There isn't even a release date set yet. Realistically, either buy an Asian/JP 360 and import it, or buy a Ketsui PCB. No older Cave shooters ever made it out of Japan, even at the peak of the PS2s power/user base. The only ultra-slim glimmer of hope is on the chance that it may be region-free, though this is again, 99% unlikely. Trust me, I'm as disappointed as anyone else. How many times I was on the verge of buying a supergun just to be able to play this (well a few others too).

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