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ketsui/dodonpachi dai jo dou black label/360.


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NGBC was rumoured to come to Live around the same time it got its PAL English PS2 port. Then it was downgraded to being on the backburner, and we haven't heard about it since then.


But hey 98UM is actually finally coming out after years of delays, so who knows?

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ive got all the cave shooters on ps2 except the holy grail which is ketsui,it was going to be released for ps2 but akira werent happy with the game,so it got canned.im still keeping my fingers crossed for region free.either way the game is getting released this year.

maybe in the next year or so we will get some kind of hack for playing nstc games or the company who released the action replay carts will figure it out and release a disc to bypass this problem.

i want ketsui and raiden fighters aces,but im not gonna buy a japanese 360.


@bk on the same day as kof98um comes out in japan(june 26th),sengoku basarax comes out as well.so 2 reasons to be cheerful.

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