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Worst game you ever played?


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Plus whats the worst game any one had ever purchased you?


For me it's.


worst game playedsiderman on the snes, that game sucked so hard man, unispiring graphics everyware and hideious all round gameplay.


worst game purcahsed Kid chamelon on the mega drive [ i hate the mega drive i never ever liked it...]

And a boy and his blob on the snes, i wouldent say i hated it, it was because my family were poor it was my first NES game in a year, i played it because its all i had...



Whut about you?

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hrm. Basically


Non-Specific = Any games with a childish plot or based on a pathetic series.


"Childish Plot" Doesnt necessary mean Disney games because some are actually pretty good (Quackshot, King Dom Hears (?), Mickye Mania)


Its those that are based on Hamtaro that make NO SENSE whatsoever :(


Specifically: Toungue of the Fatman. As much as I like Fighting games, This was pretty bad when I was a little kid. Soo (BARF BARF BARF) :)


Purchased: Prolly Monster Rancher 2, It was ok for a while. But got so boring afterwards :/

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On PC, I'd have to say Neverwinter Nights.

I bought this game expecting a good action RPG with D&D elements.

Instead I get a game with an extremely poor battle system, based on poorly translated D&D rules and gameplay.

The weapons and armor have almost no way of distinguishing them apart based on their stats (Heck even their appearance for the most part)

And the story is just pathetic.


I give it a 3/10 (Only for it's appearance)


Worst game on a console, I'd have to say NiGHTS for Sega Saturn.

This game is way overhyped.

It's extremely childish and boring, and it doesn't even look good.

The good thing is I didn't purchase this game per-say, it came with my Saturn along with 12 other games.


4/10 (Gameplay sucks bad, the music is ok though it's rather childish as well. Graphics are terrible, even for Saturn)

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hrm...I thought NWN was okay. It was more damage and hit roll dice and semi-turned base which i really didn't like at all.


if it takes 10 minutes just to watch ur guy dodge and when he starts to run away, and the monster finally kills him. Its not worth it :(

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Deus Ex - I waited eagerly for it to be released only to find i just cant get into it at all

You know, with how many people rate that game, i actually purchased that game brand new.


I could never get into it as well.

I think it's over rated.

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