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PS2 Online play? I completely forgot about this!


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I was talking to SyN tonight and he mentioned to me about the PS2 Online play. It seems that the servers are still online and people are still playing. Can anyone tell me how I can get online and what are the best games to play? I've read that mostly JAP releases of games have online play. Do I have to register some username/password? Do I need the PS2 Network disc? Please tell me what I need to know.


Also, I've read you need to patch the DNAS to go online with backups. Does anyone have any links to tutorials on how this is done? Last question -- how many people still use online play for the PS2?


Thanks. :P

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Been years since I played the PS2 online, I remember patching backups with some program I'll look it up later. But I do remember you need the original game to make the patch from.

Socom was good online

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ill Answer that for you GC.


1. As far as Jap Releases, Mainly fighters have online play but ps2 conloses are region restricted. However, there is a way around that. (ill bbl with info)


2. Many games comes with the online utility disc embedded within so when you try to get online with your system, if your memory card has no network configuration saved within, the system wil prompt you to create one and take you to the network config settings.


3. Yes, you need to patch the DNAS file found in online compatible ps2 games. EA Games are likely to have two or three DNAS files that needs to be patched with the same codes.


Here is a thread on ps3 news that has a list of all games that works supporting this method,

NTSC US Games list NTSC Jap Games List PAL European Games List


In the games ID's the first two sets of "xx" can be changed to whatever you like in range from numbers 1-7 and letters A-F, the rest of the numbers must remain the same as is for they are region code numbers that ids the disc.


There are two tools you can use for that to scan a game and its DNS files.


Dics ID Inserter v2.20 here is the thread with its ID source code here if interested. here is another tool for changing DNAS Id's in your backups



oh and the info about changing you machines id "region code" can be found here.

Sorry guys but the above only works with v1-v8 consoles. no V9 and above as of yet.



I hope this info help's GC.

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Everytime I tried to play my PS2 online it was like the same 50 people all the time unless it was something like SOCOM.


You need a network adapter, a network adapter setup disc, and a game. Its not like live with one user/pass, you set up a new account for every game. Some games don't even require accounts.

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