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MameDOX 2 Platinum


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just sitting on it like I did with arcades for a year... :D im still changing a couple of things as I play around. I need a tester in HD although im about an hour from finishing a 16x9 version (but it looks so good in 720P)


Remember its about looks and ease of use no more so mum can go thats so pretty and she can use it with no help.


Example of mod im doing now all folders that are on USB memory or xbox to xbox or on SMB shares have a green glow and all the files do as well in the filemanger, so you can tell what is local to the xbox and what is external to the xbox withough looking at long strings of text


CHOOSE YOUR BACKGROUND and also what buttons you want on/off (CAPS is button on nocaps is button off)







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Might Change Icons needed to decide how ill run this the engines going.... maybe just add 99 Top games and use nice images for them



with your mod of xbmc will it be integrated with your Mamedox 2 platinum?

xbmc direct boot of mamedox 2 roms? :)

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