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  • 8 years later...

It should be banned forever all over the internet, better to not answer to that spammer faggot who loves to play with some stuff animals at home and alone it self.




It's a normal human like we are and is nothing superior to everyone.

I want to give one advise.

Search for him on the fórums and Block him!

No one cares if you work on mame or you are leaving in a nother planet, people like your manners or not.

Is wasting time to complain with other people and make no sence to the public. (In your age you should be working and study.)

The reason why i don´t wanna be on MW anymore.

Why there is mame news on that fórum? R: It's for discuss and not bitching around. If they are noob users or not.

Be better to help pleasuredome it self, it's a better place to stay and help others. They treat us so much respect, i just got the taste to seed forever. :msnwink:

At least i say something, not judging no one or buy a hammer to break is brain. :freakingpissed:

How this guy knows i'm AnimalBear? Wants me to use now tor to shut is mouth?

I do my best to respect anyone, and why i recieve always a spank?


Update: The guy is here, soon or later will change is name and attack again. Be aware.

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