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Ok a while back, EM told me about hitting the Prt Scrn "Print Screen" button and pasting it in photoshop or MSpaint even. Well this makes things so much cooler, as I can, for instance, take a screen shot of maps I am making in UTED, and show someone what I am working on. Although... Print Screen didn't work for Diablo ][ for some reason....


Anyway... I never knew this and I think it is useful. And I am sure there is plenty of other cool things that I or someone else may not know. So please share with us, something cool or useful.


Ill submit one... F11 cleans up the window (Firefox) not sure if it does in in other browsers... But I found this quite useful, as it open the screen up so very much.


So yea.... what do you know about?

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alt + esc opens the start menu, then you can use the arrow keys to navigate through it, use it in combination with alt+f4, alt+tab and alt+menu entries and you will be able to use your computer without a mouse :shootem:

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I use ctrl-a (select all) ctrl-c (copy) ctrll-v(paste) like 100 times a day. those and ctrl-p (print) are the only keyboard shortcuts I use.


wow I really like that f11 tip.

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