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Right, because you're smart and we're all a bunch of retards..


You said it! I didn't.


I don't care if you agree with me or not, All I said after Valodim made his post was not to host any of my materials outside of my site if this site turns into a shameless warehouse.


You guys got the wrong idea from that and a bunch of other people comes here and jumps the conclusion, pretty much like you did.


Anyway, do as you will no matter how vile and pathetic it might be.


Ever heard of sarcasm...? you usually get one with a brain...


The one who got the wrong idea was you, people were generalizing in their posts... they weren't targeting you specifically... jeez... READING COMPREHENSION...


Axl, stop being so VILE AND PATHETIC. Wanting us to allow warehouse linking is tantamount to allowing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.


Oh dear Lord how could I not see this? Clearly, this must be an affront to humanity, otherwise I wouldn't be so VILE AND PATHETIC...


Christ, 1emu really needs to get a mental-age restriction when creating accounts...

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Ever heard of sarcasm...?


Yep and sadly you missed it in my response.


Christ, 1emu really needs to get a mental-age restriction when creating accounts


Then I wouldn't have to deal with leechers like you.


@1 Riiiight. You must have a really warped definition of sarcasm...


@2 Fine, I'll play it your way: "NO U!"

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Everyone here knows my stance on this issue and everyone else's as well.


This thread has turned to insults. Someone please close it until a staff decision has been made on the matter. -Syn - and AxL stop the personal attacks please or else formal warnings will follow.

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Hold up, while we are on the subject,


Whats this link about then?






And its a pinned topic too? When the first post was made, I should of replied with that link alone.


I think those were the initial rules set by megaman_zer0 before we had this discussion. 'Twas a long time ago anyway, haven't seen zer0 on the forums or on MSN for a very long while. Besides, this entire thread was made to oppose that specific rule.

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um no, those rules were set by various individuals involved in mugen. Not just one person. And many agreed to it, apparently 1emulation has or it wouldn't be a pinned topic.

Edited by -SyN-
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