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Visual Pinball/PinMAME Tutorial

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Obviously I just started using this myself, but having used ALOT of emulators I didn't find it hard. (However I'm not good at teaching, but here goes anyway)


Step 1: Download Visual Pinball here and PinMAME here.


Step 2: Run the installation for Visual Pinball and install it wherever you please.


Step 3: Unpack PinMAME to the same folder you installed Visual Pinball to.


Step 4: Run setup.exe for PinMAME and configure everything to your liking (Just remember where you're gonna put things afterwards)


Step 5: Download a table and it's corresponding roms from here. Unzip the table into a folder you have assigned for Visual Pinball Tables (Usually the "Tables" folder where you installed VP) and leave the roms zipped in the folder you told PinMAME to use for roms.


Step 6: Download the needed VBS Scripts from here (It's at the top of the page) and unpack ALL of them where you just unpacked your table to.


Step 7: Open Visual Pinball, go to FILE > OPEN and select the table you want. (Don't forget to set your options in PREFERENCES regarding video and keys!)


Step 8: Click on the big PLAY button to the left in the pane, or select TABLE > PLAY from the dropdown menu.


There! You should be playing Pinball games on your PC in no time! :lol:

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If you want an easier pinball emulator just go to www.irpinball.ztnet.com and download visual pinball then you just have to download the zipped roms for the games, you don't need a seperate rom & table like vpinmame. They have lots of pinball roms as well and are listed by decade and also they have the newest roms listed as they get them so you don't have to search all over for the newest games.

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Think I have a load of Pinball roms I never got running on Windows XP


Will have to look into it after I get done with updating MAME v0.80


Under windows 98

I was just getting into pinball emulation and some of the tables were awsome.


creating my own table sounds like work IJTF_Cinder - maybe one day.

until then I will be playing the old commercial emulated pinball tables hopefully.


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i'm still having trouble with this, i was able to watch a tutorial video on youtube for MAME and was able to get it to work. I'm very very new to video game emulation, and i would love to play some of my favorite pinball tables but cant seem to get visual pinball to "connect the dots". Where do i find roms AND tables? I cant seem to find my folder titled "tables", and i am a little confused with the pinmame installations how do i unpack to the same folder where VP is installed and what should i set my configurations at with folder directories and such? its one of those things if i could see it done i would have it down, im a very visual learner so reading it is somewhat difficult to me

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Have you read the contents of this thread. You can't expect people to always give you visual hints. There are times when you will just have to read - after all, emulator authors do not write user manuals and ReadMes just for kicks.


Read the board rules, too.

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