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Artist: Faith No More

Album: King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime

Label: London Records





Vocals = Mike Patton

Guitar = Trey Spruance/Dean Menta

Bass = Billy Gould

Keyboards = Roddy Bottum

Drums = Mike Bordin



1. Get Out

2. Ricochet

3. Evidence

4. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

5. Star A.D.

6. Cuckoo for Caca

7. Caralho Voador

8. Ugly in the Morning

9. Digging the Grave

10. Take This Bottle

11. King for a Day

12. What a Day

13. The Last to Know

14. Just a Man




Digging the Grave



Quite possibly Faith No More's greatest album of them all (Critically acclaimed too. Not just my words alone.). The entire album's songs are quite versatile. Songs ranging from pure roCk to melodic ballads even to experimental awesomeness.


Quick note to make, Faith No More has always had one guitarist. The reason why two are listed is cuz Trey Spruance was part of the recording of the album but when it came time to tour he split and was replaced by their keyboard roadie Dean Menta.


This album was FNM's 5th album but the 3rd with singer Mike Patton. It did great over seas in UK, Germany and Austrailia but in the US it didn't do so well thanks to the over shadowing of MTV's dictatorship in "music".


You may be asking, "Faith No More? Where have I heard of them?" They did the hit single "Epic" from thier 1st/3rd album The Real Thing back in 1989.


You may also recognize the drummer Mike Bordin from somewhere. When Faith No More splitted in '98 he went to regularly perform for Ozzy Osbourne as well as Black Sabbath. He's also been seen drumming for Korn for a tour cuz their drummer Dave Silvera had a wrist situation.


Thank me later for introducing the awesomeness that I just supplied.

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Metal Mad




Release Date Febuary 20 2008


This is a Import and is quite expensive about $40 US Dollars.


01. Fire Of Spirit

02. Metal Mad

03. High Flyer

04. Spellbound #9

05. Crimson Paradox

06. Black And White

07. Whatsoever

08. Call Of The Reaper

09. Can't Find My Way

10. Gravity

11. Transformation


Genre: Metal | Speed Metal

Label: Tokuma Communications


Minoru Niihara (vocals)

Akira Takasaki (guitar)

Masayoshi Yamashita (bass)

Munetaka Higuchi (drums)


For those who have never heard of Loudness here is their myspace page



Minoru Niihara is back for the vocals of this album after releasing a solo album as well as a album for XYZ-A. He has got a lot better in his english and his japan accent is hardly noticeable anymore. His vocals on this new album are awesome and well worth a listen to for any Loudness fan out there, as well as those who have never heard the band before. He has the metal sound down to include the highs and screams.


Akira Takasaki on guitar what needs to be said. He is considered as the Japanese Eddie Van Halen and well deserved of this title. Just listening to his riffs will bring a chill down your spine.


This album is by far one of the best by Loudness since Biosphere. It has all a metal fan could want from the loud crunching vocals and screams to the spine chilling riffs as well as the bass lines for a God. Drum play is also good as well. There is a lot of double bass playing in there.


The title track Metal Mad is one of the best tracks on there. Will be a metal classic one day. Spellbound#9 is my fav off this album it is kinda a hardcore genre with hardcore vocals, guitar riffs galore and drums out the ass. Black and White is a great as well. Whatsover is a great ballad with a sort of funk groove line in it. Can't Find My Love starts off slow but gets heavy in the end. Gravity has it all the great riffs as well as vocals. The last track Transformation is good as well with great riffs in it. Actually there is not a song on here that I don't like. Get a hold of this one and give it a listen you will be pleased.


Here is their lastest hit Metal Mad

Edited by Jitway

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Serpent - xGODx




Release Date March 23 2008 (Japan)


1. xGODx (1:25)

2. Cannibalistic Dream (4:34)

3. Devil In A Dream (5:46)

4. Plastic Arts (4:23)

5. Severance (5:28)

6. Baptism (4:19)

7. Slave (4:40)

8. Suicide Diary (6:15)

9. Clot (6:44)

10. Funeral Of Light (6:10)


Genre | Melodic Death Metal

Label : Soundholic


Ken (vocals)

Hiroki (guitar)

Hiro (bass)

Keija (drums, keyboards)


For those who have never heard of Serpent here is their website Serpent


This is their 5th studio release and very good I might add. Kens vocals have very much improved over his first ablum and Hiroki guitar play is almost God Like.

Cannaibalistic Dream title track is one of my favs off the album. Great double bass drum and riffs to die for.

Devil In A Dream is another good one off this album it has great riffs as well as vocals. The ending is to die for.

Severance is another fantastic tune of the album with great smooth riff changes throughout.

Baptism is by far my fav off the album. It has it all great bassline, drum tracks, riffs and vocals. Listen to this tune if you don't listen to anything else off this album. You will be pleased.

Slave is another great tune with a fantastic beat line.

Finally Clot has one of the best guitar solos in it I have heard from Serpent in awhile. Hiroki does it like a God.


Here is their video single of

Cannibalistic Dream

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Future Addict - Marty Friedman




Release Date April 2008 in the USA

Release Date March 12 2008 Japan


1. Barbie

2. Simple Mystery

3. Tornado of Souls

4. Burn the Ground

5. Where my fortune Lies

6. Breadline

7. The pit and the Pendulum

8. The killing Road

9. Static Rain

10. Secret of the Stars

11. Massive

12. Tears of an Angel


Genre l Progressive Rock | Metal | Virtuoso Guitar


For those who don't know Marty Friedman and if you don't what rock have you been under...lol.


Here is his Wikipedia page Marty



Ex-MEGADETH guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN's new album "features reworked, reconstructed, completely remade versions of some of the coolest songs from entire career"


This is his 7th solo album and I think one of his best. With the new singer on vocals this album rocks. Marty moved to Japan and a lot of his influence comes from that country.


Ex-MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman's forthcoming album Future Addict, is due to be released in Japan on March 12th via Avex. This album features reworked, reconstructed, completely remade versions of some of the coolest songs from Marty's entire career. According to his website, "everything from his first band, DEUCE, to his current Japanese stuff, it is all in there and all of it is on steroids. There are also three new songs including the first single. Vocals on the entire album are handled by none other than Marty's longtime drummer, Jeremy Colson, making his worldwide vocal debut! This album is an amazing introduction to Marty`s illustrious career, as well as the beginning of an exciting new era of his music. US and Euro releases to follow, more info on that to come."



More news from Friedman's website reads as follows:



"Japan's top entertainment magazine, Nikkei Entertainment, is releasing a book in mid-April titled, Ii-Jyan J-Pop! (Awesome J-Pop!). This book offers An in-depth and very unique insider`s view of the Japanese music scene as only Marty can see it. The book is culled from over a year of interviews with Marty and plenty of out-takes from his outspoken and often controversial popular monthly column in Nikkei Entertainment.



Marty produced, arranged and laid down all guitar and bass on the upcoming Sony single from Ruby Gloom, 'Siren' c/w 'My Treasure'. Ruby is a animation character broadcast in several countries around the world. Nana Kitade plays the part of Ruby on this brilliant high energy single. Release date is March 25.



On the completely opposite side of the musical spectrum, down-tempo electronica pioneers THE SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE have a new album 11i on which Marty makes a guest appearance on the song 'Oneness'. Marty is a huge fan of SBL and was honoured to play the track for them.



February 18 marks the industry premiere of the movie Gugudatte Neko Dearu in which Marty made his Japanese major motion picture debut. The movie is set for a fall release.


Simple mystery is a great tune with great riff changes and the sounds of old school Marty. Tornado Of Souls has great solos only like Marty could do as well as killer lyrics. Where My Fortune Lies is a bit different but has a catch bass line as well as lyrics. Breadline is by far my favorite of them all. It has the crunchy riffs and drum lines to die for. The Pit and the Pendulum has it all. Crunchy riffs, bass lines and drums galore. Killing Road is a very catchy tune with a great melody and lyrics that stick in your head. Secret of the Stone has a little rap like lyrics in it and not half bad.


Here is a video of Simple Mystery of said album


So go and get a copy of this and give it a listen you will not be sorry.

Edited by Jitway

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Formation Of Damnation





Release Date April 29 2008


1. For The Glory Of

2. More Than Meets The Eye

3. Evil Has Landed, The

4. Formation Of Damnation

5. Dangers Of The Faithless

6. Persecuted Won't Forget, The

7. Henchman

8. Killing Season

9. Afterlife

10. F.E.A.R.

11. Leave Me Forever


Chuck Billy: Vocals

Alex Skolnick: Lead guitar

Eric Peterson: Rhythm, lead guitar

Greg Christian: Bass

Paul Bostaph: Drums


Genre: l Thrash Metal l Speed Metal

Label : Nuclear Blast



For those who are not familar with Testament here is their Wikipedia Page Testament


Thrash legends Testament have announced upcoming tour dates for 2008. The band will be touring to support their April 29 release of “The Formation of Damnation.” The album marks Testament’s Nuclear Blast debut, and it is the first new studio album from the band since 1999’s landmark “The Gathering.”


The Formation of Damnation features the classic lineup of Chuck Billy on vocals, Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick on guitar, and Greg Christian on bass…PLUS the venerable Paul Bostaph (Slayer, Testament, Forbidden) on drums. The band called on Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Trivium, Chimaira) who has been waiting nine years to engineer and mix the forthcoming album.


Testament is one of the most underrated classic bands out there. They should be looked at as one of the pioneers of the metal scene, right up there with Metallica and Slayer.


Far and away one of the most influential bands in all of modern metal. While other veteran acts soak up much of the spotlight with sing a-longs, Testament maintains the unsurpassed musicianship, integrity and brutality that continue to create an untouchable legacy.


The album is very traditional-sounding," guitarist Eric Peterson recently told Decibel magazine. "The ideology of what we're doing is like 'The Legacy' [1987]. But the musicianship's a lot better, so it's like 'The Gathering' [1999]. As most bands record their first, second and third albums, they're developing, developing, developing… until they've got their sound. Then they get worse. As a rule, you get good when you're starving and start slipping as soon as you're eating well. We never really made it to the big time. But, then again, we didn't fail. Because we've always been on that borderline, we've never had to make the kinds of compromises that end up killing so many bands. As we see it, we're better off doing what we do best, especially since things seem to have turned full circle. Kids even have long hair again.


The 2nd track More Then Meets The Eye is explosive out of the gate. The drumline is awesome as hell.

The 3rd track The Evil Has Landed is another great tune with killer lyrics.

The 4th track The Formation Of Damnation said title track has more of a death metal style vocals but done in a Testament way will the said speed only they could do.

The 6th track Persecuted is super fast with great riffs and tempo changes like in the old Testament days.

The 7th track Killing Season has a great tempo and rhythm changes as well as fantastic lyrics.

The 9th track Afterlife is another great tune with great vocals and some really great solo riffs on guitar.

The 10th track F.E.A.R. is another great tune and one of my favorites with speed metal solos out the ass.



Here is a vid of The Evil Had Landed

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