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Deja Vu Decibel Disease

Release Date 01/18/2008






Here is their hompage http://www.dejavu-metal.de/


1. Under Fire 4:58

2. You Will Know My Name 3:38

3. Children Of The Eighties 4:36

4. Metalhead 4:20

5. Die For The Tyrant 4:06

6. Face Down In The Dirt 4:52

7. Decibel Disease 4:03

8. Here I Stand 4:50

9. Slave To The Gods 5:17

10. Never Get Away 4:38

11. On My Own 4:31

12. Walls Of Sleep 4:37


Werner Kerscher - vocals / guitars

Timo - guitars

Wolpo - bass

Stephan Morro - drums


This their second album. The first being Bullets to Spare released in 2006. Unlike that one this is a much harder and more speed in the riffs style of metal.


Little is know about this German Metal band. Their musical style is like Judas Priest and vocals that of the Bruce Dickerson style. I found this ablum very enjoyable to listen too. My favorite track on this album is Metalhead not only is the musical part very good but the lyrics as well speak to all metalheads out their. The next great listen is Slave To The Gods which is very heavy in the riffs. Also Decibel Disease the title track is a good listen as well. Give this album a turn on your playlist you will not be sorry.

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Sixx A.M.

The Heroin Diares




Release Date




2. Van Nuys

3. Life Is Beautiful

4. Pray For Me

5. Tomorrow

6. Accidents Can Happen

7. Intermission

8. Dead Man's Ballet

9. Heart Failure

10. Girl With Golden Eyes

11. Courtesy Call

12. Permission

13. Life After Death


Here is a first single release on YouTube


Sixx:A.M. is a new band built around former Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. Sixx wrote a book titled “The Heroin Diaries” (Amazon Link), and the album is actually a soundtrack which tightly follows the memoirs, with each track coinciding with a chapter from the book. Aside from Nikki, the lead singing and rhythm guitarist duties are handled by multi-platinum producer James Michael. Working with such artists as Motley Crue, Saliva, The Exies and the Scorpions, it is no surprise that the album is produced and mixed very well. The band also has a great musician in DJ Ashba. I personally had never heard of this guy before, but his first solo album, an instrumental ASHBA: Addiction to Friction earned 6 Best Guitar Player awards.


After listening to this, the first thing I did was go online and find out where I can see these guys play. Here was a response I found from Nikki himself:


We just formed the band. We didn’t plan on that. We didn’t plan on being on the radio, and at this point we’re really not planning on touring. I know we are planning on playing some television shows and maybe doing some intimate small stuff. There seems to be a lot of desire. It would have to be something quite spectacular. The idea of going out and playing clubs isn’t that exciting. It has to be more than that. There is more out there. With all these multi-media platforms and portals to creative stuff, it is very exciting. Opportunity, I’m sure will arise, and we’ll make a decision then.


So, apparently the band has no plans of touring at this point, which is a real shame. Check out the first single, Life is Beautiful:


Overall, as an album its very average, average not good. As a soundtrack, the lyrics become so much more powerful, pushing this album into the “good” level. The songs become moving and more meaningful. James Michael’s voice might not have the vocal range of some, but not to overuse the word, but it’s powerful. “Life is Beautiful” is clearly the best track, with all the essentials of a great song. I haven’t heard much radio play of this song which is a real shame.


The rest of the album really bounces all over the place, fitting many different sounds to the many different chapters of the book. On one hand, this is a good thing, it keeps the listener off-balance, not knowing what to expect. On the other hand, some of these different sounds come off cheesy or done. “Pray For Me” sounds like it comes off the latest Killers release, with your typical staccato chords over super-monotone vocals. The ballads on the album are many, and similar.


You must realize that this is not an album which tries to please the many. This is a brutally honest, exposing self-portrait painted by a man who almost died. Because of this, the songs may be bland in some sense, but retain their ability to move, as in “Tomorrow.” This, while not the best song, still moves the listener as Sixx describes how his past is catching up to him, how his bridges have been burned.


“Dead Man’s Ballet” got bad reviews as a song, some comparing it to Meatloaf (who I think James produced). However, I really dig this song. This is one of the few songs on the album that ebbs and flows. It builds nicely into the chorus, then transitions well out of it. Oh well, say what you will, I liked the song.


So, overall, this is definitely not the best song of the last year, but it’s worth a listen. I have read the book and it is outstanding, and together I bet they complement each other very nicely.

Edited by Jitway

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Released: 22/01/2007


The Good, The Bad and The Queen

by The Good, The Bad and The Queen:

Damon Albarn - Lead Vocals & Keyboards

Paul Simonon - Bass and Backing Vocals

Simon Tong - Guitar

Tony Allen - Drums


1. "History Song" - 3:05

2. "'80s Life" - 3:28

3. "Northern Whale" - 3:54

4. "Kingdom of Doom" - 2:42

5. "Herculean" - 3:59

6. "Behind the Sun" - 2:38

7. "The Bunting Song" - 3:47

8. "Nature Springs" - 3:10

9. "A Soldier's Tale" - 2:30

10. "Three Changes" - 4:15

11. "Green Fields" - 2:26

12. "The Good, The Bad & The Queen" - 7:00


All songs written by Damon Albarn.


Singles Released:


"Herculean" "Kingdom of Doom" "Green Fields"


Lead by Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) with Paul Simonon (The Clash), Simon Tong (Verve) and Tony Allen (Fela Kuti). The Good, The Bad and The Queen is certainly a super group for the modern listener. The album itself is a concept album of living in London. With it's light riffs played by the crew together with Albarn's song writing, shows how well several generations of artists can be put into a room and make wonderful, beautiful music.


I put an emphesis on Albarn's writing as it's certain matured greatly since his days with Blur and expanded upon with his time fronting the Gorillaz. While it seems easy listening at first, it becomes completely something by introducing a more funk~reggea tone and at times going completely acoustic. The soft bass lines by Simonon and the excellent guitar work by Tong are also a highlight. While not something out of left field with madening solos, it harmonizes perfectly with Albarn's ghost-like featherish vocals. Finally, to top it off, with everyone's background, there is at least one defining track. That track is The Good, The Band & The Queen. In a punkish manner, it puts everything into prespective from what the listener just went through.


After listen through and decoding what Albarn is saying. Living in London doesn't seem that great anymore.

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Zimmers Hole - When You Were Shouting at the Devil




Release Date March 11 2008


01 When You Were Shouting at the Devil.. 05:15

02 We Rule the flocking Land 03:51

03 Flight of the Knight Bat 02:41

04 1312 02:53

05 Devil's Mouth 03:19

06 The Vowel Song 02:00

07 Fista Corpse 03:15

08 Anonymous Escophagus 03:00

09 Alright 03:11

10 Hair Doesn't Grow on Steel 03:52

11 What's My Name... Evil! 06:33


Genre: Speed | Thrash | Death Parody Metal

Label: Century Media


Chris Valagao - Vocals (session for The Berzerker)

Jed Simon - Guitar (Zimmer's Hole,Strapping Young Lad, Tenet, Armoros, ex-Devin Townsend, ex-Front Line Assembly)

Chris Stanley - Guitar

Byron Stroud - Bass (Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, ex-Devin Townsend, ex-Caustic Thought, ex-Unit: 187)

Gene Hoglan - Drums (Zimmer's Hole,Dark Angel (US), Tenet, The Almighty Punchdrunk, Death, Testament, Devin Townsend, Old Man's Child, Phantasm, Wargod, Daemon (Dnk), Just Cause, Naphobia, Meldrum, ex-Unearth, Dethklok)


For those who have never heard of Zimmers Hole here is their myspace page



I was never a big fan of Stapping Young Lad but this Band here is nothing like them although it has many of the members of same said band.


Started as a side project of Strapping Young Lad members Jed Simon and Byron Stroud. When SYL was put on ice in 2007 they decided to make Zimmer's Hole their main band and signed with Century Media


Although THE HOLE was dug before the formation of Strapping Young Lad, this is the first time Simon and Stroud have had the time to devote all their attention to the band, resulting in a more focused, streamlined effort. The inherent insanity in a project like THE HOLE is still there, but traditional metal influences abound in the epic, fist-pumping feel of songs like “We Rule the flocking Land” and “Flight of the Knight Bat.”

The track the vowel song is very extra ordinary as they use the voice of Nathan Explosion of Dethklok reading a message about illiteracy if a very illiterate way, very funny and good.


I was well pleased with the album as a whole all tracks are great in their own. Give it a try all you metalheads out there this is their best album yet.

Edited by Jitway

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Artist: Spleen Vs Ideal

Album: Souvenirs

Record Label: Throne Records

Debut: May 2007










A French Rock'n'RollMegaGroovyDuo band that creates the greatest orgasm on Earth. FACT! A bass/voice + drums two-piece playing fresh, cool, original music, with so much feeling. Just imagine an impossible mixture of Queens Of The Stone Age, Man Is The Bastard, Fantomas and Melvins!!! Why haven't you bought their awesome sex noise album yet?




I Ninja Approve!!!

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Children of Bodom - Blooddrunk




Release Date April 9th in the UK

April 15th in the USA


+ These tracks are on the UK release only


Genre: Speed | Thrash | Melodic Death Metal | Speed Metal

Label: Spinefarm


Alexi Laiho Vocals,- Guitar

Roope Latvala - Guitar

Henkka T. "Blacksmith" - Bass

Janne Wirman - Keyboard

Jaska Raatikainen - Drums



01. Hellhounds On My Trail

02. Blooddrunk

03. LoBodomy

04. One Day You Will Cry

05. Smile Pretty For The Devil

06. Tie My Rope

07. Done With Everything, Die For Nothing

08. Banned From Heaven

09. Roadkill Morning

10. Ghost Riders In The Sky +

11. Lookin Out My Backdoor +


Spinefarm Records will also release a digipack version of CHILDREN OF BODOM's new album, "Blooddrunk", on April 9. The set will include a bonus DVD featuring the songs mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, the "Blooddrunk" video, a "making-of-the-video" segment, and a photo gallery. In addition, the CD will feature CHILDREN OF BODOM's cover of STAN JONES' "Ghost Riders In The Sky" as a bonus track.


"Blooddrunk" digipack details:




01. Hellhounds On My Trail

02. Blooddrunk

03. LoBodomy

04. One Day You Will Cry

05. Smile Pretty For The Devil

06. Tie My Rope

07. Done With Everything, Die For Nothing

08. Banned From Heaven

09. Roadkill Morning

10. Ghost Riders In The Sky




01. Blooddrunk (video)

02. Making of the Video

03. Hellhounds On My Trail (Surround Sound)

04. Blooddrunk (Surround Sound)

05. LoBodomy (Surround Sound)

06. One Day You Will Cry (Surround Sound)

07. Smile Pretty For The Devil (Surround Sound)

08. Tie My Rope (Surround Sound)

09. Done With Everything, Die For Nothing (Surround Sound)

10. Banned From Heaven (Surround Sound)

11. Roadkill Morning (Surround Sound)

12. Photo Gallery


Well I got my hands on a promo release of this and got to say this is the best yet. Blooddrunk was recorded and produced by Mikko Karmila at Petrax and Finnvox studios in Finland during October, November and December 2007, except vocals, which were recorded by Peter Tägtren, and keyboards, which were recorded by Janne Wirman at Petrax studios, Finland, during October, November and December 2007. The CD was mixed at Finnvox by Mikko Karmila in November 2007 and it was mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila in December 2007. A lot of fans were disappointed with their 2004 release, Are You Dead Yet?. The album was less thrashy and more modern sounding than their previous albums, you will be pleased to hear that the band found the edge and heaviness in Blooddrunk.


In August 2007 the band entered the Petrax-studios in the middle of the woods of Hollola, Finland. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, the band and their producer Mikko Karmila recordeding material for the album which was later dubbed “Blooddrunk”, a nine track killer of an album which shows Bodom at their heaviest and hardest yet. Even more technical and more unforgiving than any of Children of Bodom’s earlier albums, Blooddrunk shows the raw side of Alexi Laiho. No mercy given, no easy routes chosen, the whole album is pure death, terror and murder from the beginning until its end. The title track of the album was shot into a video by German director Sandra Marschner, and the video displays the terrifying themes perfectly with a shot into the life of a dead, cold ghost town and its inhabitants.


One of the highlights on the album comes from track 5, Smile Pretty for the Devil. The last minute or so of the song features an excellent guitar and keyboard solo that makes you remember why you fell in love with the band in the first place. The albums token ballad is Banned From Heaven, a nice and heavy melodic number and is my favorite on the album. Other good tracks are Hellbounds On My Trail, which is reminiscent to past Bodom classics like Needled 24/7 and a good opening song to the album. There is also the title track Blooddrunk which is very melodic and heavy as well. There is also a HD video floating around of Blooddrunks title track and well worth a watch.


Here is the one on youtube but the HD is much clearer and full screen.


Children of Bodom will head for tours next, starting their world domination from the States with theGigantour, and continuing towield their deadly scythe all over Europe, Japan. You can find out about it here GIGANTOUR 2008


I am going to the April 19th date in Kentucky. I will be taking with me a copy of this album with me to get Children of Bodom to sign.


So all you out there go and buy this CD I am telling you there is not really a bad track on this alblum. I give it a 9.5/10 stars.

Edited by Jitway

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[stuff here]

Because theres better bands, such as Death From Above 1979. Who in fact, toured and opened for Queens of the Stone Age as well.

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[stuff here]

Because theres better bands, such as Death From Above 1979. Who in fact, toured and opened for Queens of the Stone Age as well.


I approve your fail.

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[stuff here]

Because theres better bands, such as Death From Above 1979. Who in fact, toured and opened for Queens of the Stone Age as well.


I approve your fail.

And I approve of you being a gay ninja. What's your point fag?

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You can't approve and suck at life at the same time. It's inuniversally impossible.

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