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Win2DS *Unofficial* v0.8


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I can't seem to get this to work on my r4 still. Does anyone have this working on their r4


I've got a NDS Lite with R4DS - firmware 1.13 and it works perfectly on mine?!? Does it load up ok? If you have a problem connecting its probably a firewall issue.


And for the person who was asking about memory pak support, at the moment I won't be able to support memory paks cos I don't have one, but I may be able to get a performance boost without requiring a memory pak (with a lot more coding).


To the person complaining about the 5min lag and client timeout, I've identified this problem and I think I've solved it, only testing time will tell =)


New version out soon (maybe tonight) with better power management and better server stability, much much lower bandwidth usage (it won't send duplicate screens any more).

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hi im new but i downloaded the Win2DS works fine but i've tested the keyboard in NOTEPAD and the CAPS/Shift key doesn't work on it :(


EX. when i typed ? on the win2ds keyboard it appeared as / insted of the ? mark


Thanks for letting me know, I've actually already fixed this in the latest version, keep your eye out for the update to be released tonight.

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Win2DS *Unofficial* v0.8b


December 17, 2007






0.80b "the non-battery pwning version"

server - disabling sending of screens if nothing has changed (will increase battery life significantly, and may increase performance)

client - keys now repeat when held down in gamepad mode

client - screens power down when lid is closed

client - screens power down when in gamepad mode

keyboard - all keys now work correctly when shift or caps lock is on



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found bug in....

-gamepad mode, mouse now mess up (don't know how to explain, it jumping around)

-gamepad mode, key repeat too fast.

-not sure but virtual console seem to harder to order PC to do some thing.


Anyway... thank foe new version : )


Yea I got that too, when I put the mouse somewhere it just flies somewhere else, drawing a line or something (in Photoshop :)). I calibrated my touch screen. I was also wondering, is it possible to make the server send screenshots faster (was trying to display video but it was a bit slow, maybe it isn't possible but it would be cool).

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Great job, but i when i use it, after about 5 minutes it starts lagging and then the connection is lost, "client timed out" says the server window :)

using ds-xtreme btw

Works perfectly on my DS-Xtreme. Looks like a problem with your connection/router/sumthin

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