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  1. he probably wont, as he has stated before....he doesnt have the programming know how
  2. i would like as new favourite feature: - Saveable Custom Keys great app!
  3. woohooo !!! thanx monkeynz....you revived it
  4. i dont think its dead yet, it would be a shame if it was so...
  5. once again, great update!! but maybe you could make it possible to save your custom keys? that way, you can use your ds as a remote
  6. hehe.... you did great work, so you've earned a vacantion
  7. over 10.000 views, congratulations:p but...where is the release?
  8. great update! and im looking forward to the movie player ... but still no FAT support
  9. could you plz add FAT support in the next version than
  10. keep up the good work, excellent program !!! but is there a way to save your custom keys? if I reboot my ds lite I lost my custom keys greets
  11. first of all : your program is great !! thank you !! But maybe you could add audio to the next version ?
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