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Virtua Fighter Vs. Tekken

Fatal Rose

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Before anyone brings this up, yes I am aware that the two games play entirely different from each other. What can easily compensate this is either a merged game engine (something I would never want) or each company releasing there own versions (would be awesome) or you can either select VF style play or Tekken style play before playing.(would be cool too).



So what characters/features would you guys like to have in this game?


this is what I would like to see...

Better character customization options would be nice, an intro with a decent story mode would be ok for a game like this, special intros against certain characters. Oh and online play would be awesome too, a quality training mode, VF4 Final tuned move swapping, and maybe even a create a fighter, since a game like this wont be taken as serious as there single series counter parts would be. Also Created characters cannot be in tournaments like EVO or used online in ranking matches or against an actual character.

Also additional characters can be added form games like; Shenmue, Dead to Rights, Spike Out Battle Street, Urban Reign, fighting Vipers/fighters MegaMix, and maybe even a few guest stars from Soul caliber.


So what do you guys think? Have any interesting ideas?



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Jackie will lost to Jin, that's for sure.


Jin will transform into Devil jin and laser-flocked Jackie until he dies


Nah, any version of Jin is waaaaay to slow for Jacky, Jacky's auto parry and his speed would blizts right through Jin and overwhelm him. :D:blink:

But seriously, thats the thing. Tekken has some retarded unrealistic characters in it. I don't think any of those types of characters would be in the game. Maybe if each company made a separate version of the game Namco might add those characters in.

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unrealistic, but still fun. And I like the fact that they changed the stance of some fighters like Bruce where they give him a more accurate representation of Muay Thai.


Yeah they really fixed him. But the way his pelvic moves back and forth annoys me, they should have just had him breathing up and down I think.


Anyways back on topic, what would you guys like to see in this game?

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But the way his pelvic moves back and forth annoys me


I don't know what anyone else says. That's a gay ass comment.

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