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Black Friday


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this year's deal really sucks. So far only thing I saw interesting is that xbux360+guitar hero2(w/guitar) for the same price as a normal pro edition 360 otherwise, nothing is really good so far. Guess camping out this week is sorta out of the question. Anyone else?



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What shopping have to do with Black Friday?


Black Friday is basically the day that all the major retail stores (and now other stores too...) have really really big sales to "kick off" the holiday shopping season...it is pointless, but sometimes you can get a good deal...(i got all my christmas gifts for people last year for under 15 USD...parents, sister and girlfriend...so i really got a great deal...especially since the normal price for it all was above 100 USD...)

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Silence you ingrates!

Think about those who actually have to work on black friday!

I feel sorry for the blind high-schoolers who take these holiday jobs having no idea the pain their gonna receive!

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