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SSF2T HD Remix Sprites


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I assume this hasn't been posted yet? Check out these new sprites of cast. They are unfinished, unshaded and so forth but who cares- they look nice. Apparently leaks. Here're Cammy and Vega... coz I like Cammy and Vega.






Check the source for Sagat, Bison.. etc etc. If you frequent SRK this is old news so disregard plz.


Source: [NeoGAF Forums]

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Any chance that these characters will have new moves?

Probably not. Since their using the old ST code as it's base. The only "new" move known thus far is Ryu's feign Hadoken (which that itself uses animations already in the game). There will be 2 modes, Classic mode (ST) and Default (SFIIHD Remix is officially another version of ST rebalanced with input from EVO players). It rebalances the game from ST, improving and nerfing some characters. They also re-adjusted input commands for some characters.

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I am pretty sure I heard somewhere part of the rebalancing involved giving characters new moves to help them deal with their comparative weaknesses... can someone else back me up on that?

I've only heard they'd just improve normals and give new normals, but as far as new moves, I don't know.

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