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Pokemon DIamond Help


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Don't PM random users asking for help, I did not and will not respond to your PM. Not only because of this, but because I don't know.

Waiting for a day now for someone to help me convert a rom of mine over to my SC Rumble for my DS Lite anyone able help?

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well.. never had that happen to me. are you using the official NDS cart?(like buying from walmart). If so, see if you can get it replaced, because that seriously sucks.



i mean on emulator

well use a real one, you may just have a corrupted version.

also, when it comes to nds and gba games, play it on the NDS or GBA, the real system is much better game-experience wise.

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Please keep your questions in their own topics. People usually do not post if they don't know how to help, and like Cinder said, PMing random members certainly doesn't make things any better.


If/when someone knows, they'll post.

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Plop! i only register to reply your topic . :devilboy:


only you have to enable the sound of the emulator (no$gba or ideas)

pokemon diamond need the sound of the pokemon went fainted i don`t know why but he need sound


if you have other problem only Pm me


Bye! :D:)

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^ He is exactly right..If you are using NO$GBA(I suggest you use it cause its the best emulator for Diamond)Just go to options ---->Emulation Setup.And then under the sound output box select Digital Mono.



Then the game should work.

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