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Dumbass kid... what are your thoughts?

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I used to play with razor blades as a kid out of some fascination. I didn't think I was cutting myself but my hands got all bloody. It was weird. But I never bothered with matches or lighters. Well... zippo lighters I used to play with doing tricks that's about it.


How do you prosecute this kid? Or does the fault lay on the parents because he's too young to send to jail?

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Wow, I just laughed out loud, and I can't stop laughing. SUCK IT AHAHAHA This is golden.

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"Arson investigators first talked to the boy's parents on Oct. 22 after determining the blaze began the day before in the back yard of their Agua Dulce home, Brown said.


The home was not damaged in the fire, Brown said.


Investigators initially considered a downed power line as the source of the fire, but never officially listed it as the cause.


The blaze, which spread quickly through the neighborhood, was among 15 or so major wildfires that destroyed some 2,100 homes and blackened 809 square miles from Los Angeles to the Mexican border last week. Seven deaths were blamed directly on the fires, six evacuees died of natural causes and one person died of a fall".


I find it funny that his own house wasn't even effected. Talk about Irony...this kid helps in the destroying of 2100 houses, and not only was his house not destroyed, it wasn't even damaged....

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