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Art: What is some of your art?

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I am an "artist" if you want to put it that way....anyway, I think people should post things that they



It should be FUN!


oh, and no fighting about cheese.....



http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a14/lillianlillie/CathedralFlip.jpg' alt='CathedralFlip.jpg'>one from a cathedril in NYC

terry.jpg From the Museum of Natural history in NYC


family.jpg Heres one of my family


drawingofLILY.png Me


So yeah, Come on people, art is fun!

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My scanner is busted and most of my pictures are still at my high school. I'll se what i have and try to make my camcorder into a photosnaping webcam (it is possible but im busy at the moment).

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For anyone who follows Naruto they should know who this is. Quick photoshop render at home out of boredom.


I sketch too but nothing scanned.

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