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Remember that leaked Manhunt 2? seems a Sony guy leaked it


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According to Take Two a former employee of Sony Europe has admitted to leaking out a beta test version of Manhunt 2 for the PS2 to allow the world of pirates the chance to try out the game.


The man is a former employee of Sony Europe only because he has since been fired since getting caught in the act.


Take Two did not reveal many details about the man or what had happened but they did state that the man has been let go from Sony Europe. There will likely be consequences as this could warrant a fine or even jail time since it is technically stealing.


The employee has stated that he knows that he is responsible for the unauthorized online distribution of the beta test version of Manhunt 2 for the PAL PS2.


In all fairness though he may have just been trying to get the game out so people who it may be banned for still could play it.

source not that I'm condoning that sort of thing but...
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