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what about game compatibility? (ie, games that require/force a certain firmware)


What about it? A CFW lets you play any game that requires the version the CFW is based on. But then try showing me a game that requires 3.60 or higher~


so does CFW ver. number == firmware number it's based on then, or is that different?

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now that dark_alex is gone, will future CFW's be released? Lets say sony makes a firmware 4.1. Is it probable that CFW will be developed with it?

I wouldn't be surprised if DAX wasn't really "gone" (it has happened before) but even if he is, I'm sure someone will pick up where he left off.

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so is there any way to use XMB themes without bricking? does the released patch in the first post of this thread work?

well now you can add PTF themes, which is also in the Official Firmware, so yeah. But the actual XMB form itself, I am not sure, but the PTF's just replace the background, and all the icons. Nothing more, and nothing less. It isn't like some others.. But there are some good themes out there. I found a torrent with like 26 of them, so there is a bit of a variety..

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I would ideally like to change the start up screen to something other than the sony thing. is that possible? I saw someone start there PSP and the "new apple computer" movie was what they saw.


What you're talking about is called a 'gameboot'. They're videos in *.pmf format. Look around for one you like or just rip a short video from a game.


Either way you can use the CXMB plugin to work them from the memory stick or the M33 menus to flash them. Just be careful and remember this thread is about the problems with flashing stuff in 3.71 M33-2.

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