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  1. No actually. How can I get a plugin that will work, and where.
  2. My computer specifications are probably irrelevant, but my graphics card is an Nvidia Geforce something, so its not bad. I am running Ubuntu 7.10 as my operating system, not windows. I have compiled PCSX2, and when i run it, it tells me I must first configure it. All plugins are configured except for the graphics plugin. When I attempt to select a graphics plugin to use, there are NONE in the dropdown list. I assume they are included, so what is the problem? Thanks
  3. Its not THE latest, but its pretty up to date... would CXBM work with 3.71 M33-2?
  4. sorry for the double post, but this is still an unresolved issue. the image stretching is only in Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic adventure works just fine. Thats the only one ive tested besides adventure 2. I am using nullDC_100b1. thanks
  5. Will this possibly fix stretched graphics in sonic adventure 2?
  6. o ok. do you know anything about using CXMB? Its the plugin that allows theme type stuff to work off the card. If not, does anyone know what the limitations of using it are? in......simple terms?
  7. thanks, but would you think it would be possible to make my own of that movie and use it with my current theme, considering the person isnt ever going to release it?
  8. I was wondering how you change the PSP into movie. Im NOT talking about gameboot. After you do a cold boot with the PSP, it shows a movie. I would like to make my psp just like this: thanks
  9. In the folder CxMB2.5, i see 2 folders. One says cxmb, the other, seplugins. cxmb contains a font folder, a vsh folder, and cxmb.prx. Seplugins contains vsh.txt This link seems to indicate that i should do something different. http://www.psphacking101.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13531
  10. How would i install the CXMB plugin? Would i have to flash it? If so, will it brick my PSP? EDIT: Could i use the apple core theme with this and any .pmf? Im not talking about the gameboot btw. Im talking about when you reset the PSP theres a start up screen after its been completely off. This is what I'm looking for:
  11. I would ideally like to change the start up screen to something other than the sony thing. is that possible? I saw someone start there PSP and the "new apple computer" movie was what they saw.
  12. so is there any way to use XMB themes without bricking? does the released patch in the first post of this thread work?
  13. now that dark_alex is gone, will future CFW's be released? Lets say sony makes a firmware 4.1. Is it probable that CFW will be developed with it?
  14. Thanks ive found one with 3.71 M33-2. I just wont use custom themes XD
  15. Thank you, however, i was did not win the auction. I will look for another PSP with that custom firmware. If its advritised as: "3.71 M33-2" it is custom correct?
  16. The seller told me that he would put any firmware on it before shipping. What should i select if i win? Is there more that 3.7 M33-2 can do over 3.52 M33-6?
  17. *boom*. ok i think I'll just go with blackknight on this one. I will get one with 3.51 M33-6.
  18. Theres a PSP on ebay that i was thinking about purchasing. Its got firmware 3.71 M33 on it installed by the seller. I read the warning listed on the previous page, and it said something like: "Dont write to flash with 3.71 M33". What does that mean? Also, should I get this one, or go for a lower version?
  19. Ok ill look into that. Ive heard that newer PSP games will install the most recent updates when they are played. Is this true? Ive also heard that newer games require the newest firmware. Will 3.5 M33-6 suffice? And will this allow me to use all homebrew designed for PSP?
  20. I'm interested in buying a PSP with firmware 1.5 to avoid the need for downgrading. I will be purchasing one soon (the old black one not the silver new one) and I'm totally new to PSP. I've heard that its a good idea to upgrade from firmware version 1.5 to 3.71 M33. Is this correct? I also saw a warning on this site about bricking your PSP permanently, and i wondered how to avoid this. This said, can anyone give me detailed instructions on upgrading my PSP from 1.5 to a new version? And what version is best? And also how to avoid bricking. Thanks
  21. That would be great if they are actually developing graphics cards for the express slot. Ill look into it for sure. I was using NullDC with the nulldc direct 3D plugin. The other game I tested was Sonic Adventure, and it ran quite smoothly with no glitches. EDIT: I just read that this blur in the above picture is an problem with this game specifically. is this true?
  22. Thanks for checking. Its just one game however, so no problems.
  23. It is a widescreen laptop from HP. dv4275nr to be specific. I doubt its upgradeable, but if someone wants to check, be my guest. It runs any other game ive tried without that stretch at normal speed and with great quality. Seems like the card isnt really all that bad...
  24. Is there anyway to fix this? Im using an intel graphics card with emulated TnL caps. Thanks.
  25. thanks for this valuable information. Do you have any idea if there is firmware that i could use to do this? And also, the only reason it doesnt read this is because of the TOC, right? so is there a way to edit the TOC to make it incllude the whole disk? thanks
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