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DeSmuME 0.7.2wp5sp rop released


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If I wasn't mistaken I would say this is the changelog.


* The relationship of 3D it is to be from God + system in p

* With the Direct3D geometry engine, the number of apexes which can be issued between vglBegin~vglEnd substantially (about 10 times?)It increased.

* DirectX SDK was renewed to up-to-date ones.

* Releasing the skeleton of picture revolution. As for coordinate transformation mathematics doing properly, the [re] it is not difficult, it is with, well to do also the fact that you try doing by your. It is sin cos.

* The main loop the [chi] [yo] it is, with house keeping

* Modifying the cooperation system of UI. Because it understood, that PeekMessage is slow, the call reduction function which is from the time before was enabled.

* In addition workmanship strengthening and the like which is detailed.


I translated the page with a FireFox extension.

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